Leverage: Redemption: The Mastermind Job
July 11, 2021 5:56 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Sophie must keep her feelings in check when she discovers that someone has written a memoir of the team... (half-season finale)

, casting himself as Nate – which leads an exiled criminal to kidnap Harry and “Fake Nate”, forcing the Leverage team to pull a heist.
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This proved to be a strong finish and a well-done episode. Mind you, I have no idea why the hired mercenary would have the bad guy's Swiss numbered account log-in details (even if he had previously "checked" the balance), but I'll ignore that issue.
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I thought the episode was a nice homage to the character of Nate but I had trouble buying Nate would spill all their secrets to a former co-worker no matter how drunk he was. It was nice to see a glimpse of what Nate was like before his son's death derailed his life.
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The other problem was that if the insurance company kept track of what Nate was doing, then they would have come across records/announcements/etc. of his (legal) marriage to Sophie.
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The Eliot grifting in this episode had me on the floor.
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Yes, Eliot-as-Fabio was just outstanding.

It's weird separating Nate from Hutton sometimes. Like, it's FINE that both are gone, I wouldn't have watched the show if Hutton had come back. But I also wouldn't mind if the Nate memories were a bit less... hagiographic, I guess is the word? I totally get that Sophie misses him -- she married the man! -- but we don't hear from Eliot or Parker or Hardison about him, and I feel like their (in-character) opinions might be less uniformly positive.
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Nice to finally get an Eliot heavier episode, he hasn't been called on to do much. Love the call back to his love of the culinary arts, and exploring his magnetism. The character was hilariously parodied on 'Futureman' with the Wolf character.

It must be a coincidence that Eliot is being teased for his hair flip, like Black Widow was for hers (and the superhero pose, re poser vs. poseur, albeit the superhero landing had already been lampooned by Deadpool).

Bit disappointed with Parker's footwear, iirc, she usually wears something sensible while on straight up thieving jobs, tho' this was a hybrid role.

Nick E. Tarabay does "untrustworthy" roles really well.

This ep was ott but they struck a nice balance balance of silly.

The hagiography - I think it might be a balance of narcissism leading to hero worship by The Mastermind - there's that warning about knowing too much about one's heroes, which he obvious did not.

iirc, in 'The Too Many Rembrandts Job,' didn't Hardison take more than a little pleasure that the presumptuous portrait of Nate was being used as raw material for the cheap obvious fake?

I think that Sophie (and her exploits) isn't well known to The Mastermind is that, even as a sot, Nate really did love and cherish her enough not to spill in order to maximally protect her?

My headcannon is that Sophie did the "bold thing" that Nate does, because Nate does the bold thing when his plans get shot and he then becomes reckless. That he isn't reviled for it is because they generally work out (because plot armour).

Also, some more Sophie in leathers.
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"I worked with The Accountant!"

"His pep talks made people cry!"

"Please don't put that in my pants."

FRANK FARMER?!? Like....The Bodyguard?!

I do think this is both an interesting idea and semi-implausible, as I can't picture Nate blabbing all of his exploits (minus any mention of Sophie) to some random coworker.
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Eliot and Sophie's disbelief in "Nate Ford, the happy, supportive guy who loved the poor schlubs in Accounting" was great. "He had a furnace of rage where his soul would be!"

Between that, our Mr Wilson giving out accounting advice to soldiers of fortune, and Eliot winning the heart of a woman with nothing more than A Look and his charm, I was willing to overlook the whole "He told us about your jobs" thing. Unless it was an all-week marathon of drinking, because he had details on a lot of jobs.
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