Grey's Anatomy: Season 18
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They're really doing this: even more Grey's Anatomy. And this season, they've decided to move on to a "fictional near future in which the pandemic is over."
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The first episode wasn't the best but I enjoyed the second one, very old greys feeling.
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The priest killed by tandem bike bit was dumb, even for Grey's. From a standpoint of this-is-fiction-and-not-life, I wish they'd just taken out Teddy & Owen who are insufferable anyway.

The new plastics surgeon seems like a potentially interesting character and yet, her mere existence frustrates, since there are so many unexplored characters already in the cast. Nico is basically a sexy haircut and Helm is a stack of loosely related neuroses with minimal backstory. Heck, when Scott Speedman showed up, we had to find a GA wikia and look that shit up, because neither of us could remember his guest arc from 2018 at all.
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I would so be 100% on board if they do a soft reboot and move a handful of the core stars to this new hospital/clinic in Minnesota. They're so overfull on characters. A culling/refocusing would be so good.
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Agree with all of the above, but ADDISON!
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I'm sorry, it's so funny that Ellen Pompeo has been doing interviews BEGGING them to cancel Grey's, and they're like, "Nope, here an even bigger pile of money for season 19."
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Here *is* an even bigger pile of money

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