Poser (2021)
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Lennon exists timidly on the sidelines of the thriving Columbus, Ohio indie music scene, yearning to be able to express herself confidently and passionately.

As she conducts "research" for her podcast, she meets Bobbi Kitten, a successful singer/performer, who tries to coax Lennon out of her shell not realizing who Lennon really is underneath.
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This movie premiered at Tribeca this year. One review refers to as a "love letter to the underground music scene." The plot essentially serves as a clever way to showcase these performers as Lennon records them and interviews them for her podcast.

In fact, the plot is really the most boring thing about this movie, and I hesitated to label it horror or psychological thriller (even though that is how it is billed). The plot itself is predictable and I don't really feel anything for the main character. It's really only watching the performances and listening to the music that makes the film work at all. I definitely loved the sound of this movie, but honestly there is a lot of drag for a feature length film. It's worth checking out once at least.
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