What We Do in the Shadows: The Portrait
October 29, 2021 12:42 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The housemates grieve the loss of one of their own.
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Amazingly, this is not a series finale.
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Aaaaah that trail of slime, that's gonna haunt me.
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Hurray for the return of (Baby) Colin Robinson. Loved the Toast of London musical reference but felt sad for Nandor alone on the train at the end.
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I’ve enjoyed the long game they’ve been playing with Colin Robinson this season, humanising him and making him more sympathetic and then ... nope he’s a fucking *monster* you guys, remember? It’s like a more drawn out version of the other vampires casually taking out a bunch of humans earlier in the season. Nicely done, writers 👏
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not a series finale

I'll totally keep watching!

Kind of funny having Donal Logue play Donal Logue. I didn't recognize him at first, but iirc he played the "I'm going to be a naaaughty vampire god" (who got his hand chopped off?) in 'Blade' (1998).

What a dirty trick to play on Gizmo.
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What he played on the piano - Take My Hand, the theme for Toast of Landon (warning: tearjerking video) - is a Matt Berry song.

Someone compiled an Imgur gallery of the art referenced in the opening credits.
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I liked the quick little Tao of Steve reference.
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The torn and missing portraits in the intro sequence got to me.
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Noooooooo I can't wait a year for the next episode!
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This was a really great season start to finish. I’d have never expected Laszlo to be the character who develops even half an ounce of compassion and empathy, but it was done perfectly.

And I’m not too proud to admit, the jump scare in the mid-credits scene got me.
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Damn. A LOT happened in this episode! I feel so sorry for Nandor, Nadja and Gizmo. I will say that the vampires have leveled up in human food knowledge - Oreos and Pedialyte are much better options than raw chicken breasts.

Always a plus when the Baron, Sire and Hellhound show up.

The destroyed/missing pics in the intro got me too.
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I really need Lazlo to run into a vampiric Clem Fandango next season. That Toast of London theme hit me in a way I was not expecting.

And more Hellhound what a good widdle Hellhound yes you are yes you are.
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This was a real gut-puncher of a season finale. My only question was, why didn't Laszlo go to England with Nadja and just take baby Colin along? Maybe that's something they'll address next season.

The AV Club did an interview with a few people involved in the show, and one of them said that while Proksch is continuing with the show, this baby Colin may not be quite the same character. A person in the comments compared it to Baby Groot. I'd hate to think the Colin we knew may be dead-dead and this is just his offspring, but I'll take Colin 2.0 over no Colin at all.

Guillermo and Nandor both showed their uglier sides here. Guillermo's new confidence seems to be curdling into something smug and kind of sinister, while we saw Nandor display a bit of the teasing cruelty that made him a feared monster back in the day. I'm not sure if Nandor's "test" was legit or if he sensed he was about to get staked, but I think his offer to take Guillermo along (and finally vampire-ify him!) was legit. Unfortunately now that plan will probably never come to pass, and I think Guillermo and Nandor are probably headed for more conflict.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think there may have been something to that moment when Nadja strangled Guillermo. She really messed him up, without even trying. The two of them will probably be forced to spend some time together next season, and they've never gotten along very well. Of all the vamps, she seems like the one who irritates him most. Things will probably be especially tense if (as seems likely) the vampire council is only bringing Nadja to England as some sort of double-cross. The show has been dropping hints that Nadja may be a more formidable vampire than she seems, and I wonder if Nadja and Guillermo are headed for some sort of face-off.

This season they did a lot of stuff drawing our attention to the camera crew. There have been a number of times when the characters pleaded for privacy but the crew filmed them anyway, and then there was the bit where a bunch of them were presumably eaten by the sea siren. It makes you wonder who the hell these people are. I imagine they must have multiple fatalities per season!
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I am pretty fascinated to see where next season goes. Even if they reset to everyone being back in Staten Island a year (or sometime) later, this is a lot of shake up for the group we met season one who had conquered a street and a half in a couple of centuries.

Presented for your Halloween enjoyment, Guillermeow (link to Instagram post from Harvey Guillén, highlighting some fan costumes and pumpkin carving).
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I thought about just taking baby Colin to England, but he'd have to survive the ocean journey somehow, with Nadja and Laszlo both stuck in their crates. He couldn't stay quiet in there because he's a weird baby thing.

I agree that London seems like a trap. My money is on gizmo and Nadja teaming up and really killing a lot of vampires.
(Then heading back to kill Laszlo, and the emotional reveal etc)

I think that nandor's test wasn't real, but that he... uh... noticed some feelings in that moment. The whole "you can take care of me" and "would you do me the honour" bits felt that way to me .

I was afraid that Nandor the Relentless would end up reneging when it came time to turn Guillermo, so Laszlo's move took me totally by surprise.

I do feel like Guillermo should be able to escape that crate in about 2 seconds, though.
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Last season, I loved Guillermo's arc, and this one, Lazlo's arc really got me. His farewell letter to Nadja, and his commitment to care for baby Colin Robinson are such a change for him. He's so devoted to Nadja and knows that she won't leave him, so he makes sure she can go. I absolutely think that England is some kind of con, (the Guide didn't know anything about it?) and I expect Nadja and Guillermo will be some trouble for Council.

I think the Nandor and Guillermo have been working towards that moment when Guillermo spits out, "You're alive because I let you live." Devastating line and not untrue. However the show eventually reconciles them, it'll be interesting to see how they'll meet one another after that fight.

I love the idea that Colin Robinson is actually dead, but his new incarnation is something we can learn about. Is he still an energy vampire, or has he become something else? And I'm delighted that Mark Proksch is staying with the show.

The Sire, the Baron, and the Hellhound are a delight, and I'm so happy that they're extended family to our Staten Island group.
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Only this show could give us something as simultaneously heartwarming and NOPENOPENOPENOOOOOPE as the Baby Colin Robinson reveal.
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I thought about just taking baby Colin to England, but he'd have to survive the ocean journey somehow, with Nadja and Laszlo both stuck in their crates.

Also, I don't think Laszlo has any idea how to care for a baby (let alone a freakish energy vampire baby) so there was no way he would do so anywhere but at home.
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There were several nonstandard opening credits this season, and I don't recall them doing that at all in previous seasons.

I'm not sure if the world vampiric council knows Nandor is alive or not. Clearly Donal Logue knows the truth but it's not clear what the understanding was when sending Nadja the invite.

The Guide was also caught off guard by the contents of the last tape, so I think they're just bad about keeping her in the loop.

I wonder if The Baron and The Sire are going to stay with Laszlo now, for some Three(-ish) Men and a Baby action.
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I wonder if The Baron and The Sire are going to stay with Laszlo now, for some Three(-ish) Men and a Baby action.

If there's a season 4 scene with The Baron, The Sire, and Jackie Daytona Laszlo singing "Goodnight Sweetheart" to baby Colinrobinson, I fear it will break my brain.
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Big WWDitS vibes from this second-hand book store I went past just before Halloween.
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In fact now I notice the book about energy vampires, I'm convinced it must be a direct tribute.
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Colin Robinson: Yo yo master.
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Lazlo's trajectory was oddly moving this season, and the portrait posing scenes had that feeling -- as Guillermo says -- of a chosen family of the kind you only get in long running sitcoms that let themselves evolve and add odd characters along the way. A very Buffy community.

But I still object to Nandor's trajectory these last few episodes. His bout of depression and the harmful behavior of his friends was not at all resolved, and he's left abandoned at the train station. That's not Guillermo's fault, of course, but it still felt crueler to the character than I think the writers intended.
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