What We Do in the Shadows: Reunited
July 15, 2022 8:11 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The vampires return from their world travels to find their mansion on the verge of collapse, and a freakish new creature in the house.
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I need to know what that TV is in their living room.
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Nandor calling Guillermo his "friend by some definitions of the word" and then instantly jumping in to save him when he fell was sweet, it's nice that their relationship has progressed a tiny bit.

I miss Colin Robinson, I hope The Creature Who Crawled Out of the Cavity in the Corpse of the Deceased Colin Robinson's Chest grows up quickly.

Also I'm dying to know if SAG rules require Mark Proksch to be paid at the standard rate for acting here. They're not using his voice or his body but they are using his (possibly entirely CGI) likeness on the kid's face...
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I was disappointed that after that gut-punch cliffhanger last year they reset everything so quickly. It seems like we missed a lot of juicy stuff in that one year jump! The house is crumbling, but otherwise the characters immediately returned to something like the status quo. It kind of felt like when a show comes back after a season that was universally reviled, and in the first episode they resolve all the dangling plot threads in like 45 seconds and then never mention any of it again. Except, I don't think anybody was complaining about this show's previous season!

I think I need to reset my expectations a bit for this series. To me it feels like they keep getting into more dramatic territory and then suddenly backing away from it, while the people who run the show probably take the dramatic stuff a lot less seriously than I do! To me this episode felt like a missed opportunity, but for all I know the show's creators feel like they've righted the ship after going too dark last season.
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The house crumbling into ruin in just a year of Guillermo not being around is a wonderful touch.
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To me it was an odd choice to have Nandor to ask Guillermo if he was going to poop his pants because it triggered the horrifying realization that since he’s been in that crate for two weeks, there’s already poop in his pants.
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I'm so happy this is back. I can absolutely live with the quick reset, but I want to know what Colin Robinson's incarnation does. And, we really need to meet Guillermo's boyfriend.
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And, we really need to meet Guillermo's boyfriend.

On the one hand, yes, absolutely. On the other hand, Guillermo's boyfriend should run away as fast as he can before the inevitable happens with these vampires. (Actually, Nandor's probably going to turn the boyfriend into a vampire just so the writers can make Guillermo's head explode.)
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FX did post a YouTube-exclusive called Guillermo's Journey of a Lifetime, claiming to be found footage from Gizmo's phone from his trip across the Atlantic.
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As someone who owns an old house and has mild homeowners anxiety about it, I did not fully enjoy the "house crumbles to ruins in a year of neglect" plot, heh. The fat raccoons and Nadja's inability to differentiate the incarnation of Colin Robinson from the raccoons made up for it though.

I loved Guillermo announcing he was looking out for number 1... right after he handles his best man/wing man duties for Nandor and protecting the baby Colin Robinson.

I like how Laszlo and Guillermo disagree about the essential nature of the baby. Is he still Colin Robinson, as Guillermo clearly believes (trying to get the ATM card password out of him) or a different being born of Colin Robinson, per Laszlo? Either way, seems like Laszlo's plan to shape him into the most interesting man in the world is ill-fated.
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