Roderick on the Line: Ep. 137: "Arsenal of Civilization"
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The Problem: Gary’s gotta go.

This one was hard to outline. There were three main parts:

Part 1: John's not been sleeping well; Tales from the Neighborhood: the neighbor is okay, but the guy in the van (named Gary) is causing John some strife; the neighbor agrees that Gary's gotta go, but - will it happen?

Part 2: Lots of ins and outs on this, but main themes include healthy neighborhoods; homeless; can homeless/mentally ill people be saved (should they be? do they want to be?); the social contract; social norms, human norms; laws; broken window syndrome; how being a gentleman can help make communities and society better.

Part 3: After such a serious discussion, we wrap things up talking about musicians, music documentaries, and Randy Newman impressions.
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I was really hoping for an update on Skeeter.
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It was kind of a long and weird one. Super interesting to hear both Merlin and John pontificate and philosophize but there's not much to say about the episode in retrospect.

Homelessness is such a huge crushing problem and there aren't many quick fixes or easy answers, and I think this episode really drove that home as they went down all the obvious paths and showed how hard it is to even make a dent in the problem.
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Nice logo, mathowie
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