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November 2, 2021 1:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Tony starts cleaning house, while Artie feels torn between keeping the peace in his household, and getting even with Tony for destroying his restaurant.
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- Incredible dénouement for this season! The confrontation with Artie Bucco and the rifle had me laughing--he's 12 inches away from Tony but still looking through the scope.
- I don't really see Livia's gripes as a bona fide blessing for a hit on Tony. To me, it just seems like she wanted to bitch about Tony to anyone who would listen, and likes stirring up drama. Junior is the real initiator because of the insubordination aspect (having a backchannel with the other capos and Johnny Sack). The psychiatric angle is a red herring.
- Another hooray for Carmela! This time confronting the priest about his creepy boundary-pushing around unavailable women. He seemed truly unable to process that type of criticism. He could use therapy. Let's all have therapy!
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Artie's conversation with Livia in the hospital is also hilarious, the way he gives that big, awkward forced laugh...

Regarding Livia... each time I watch this show (I'm on my 7th or 8th re-watch now, at least), I'm more and more convinced that Livia (or at least, a part of her), knew exactly what she was doing. As we've seen from flashbacks, and heard from Tony, she has a super dark, cruel side, and she's obsessed with stories of mothers killing children. She is a narcissist, a borderline personality, who knows what else we could probably diagnose her with. I do think she felt legitimately upset about her son being attacked, but I think she almost had something like split personalities; she couldn't admit to herself that she was manipulating Junior against her son, didn't want to believe it, but at the same time, she is a control freak who will lash out at any perceived grievance.

And yes, hooray for Carmela! Also, great line from Tony to the priest: "I mean, you're stayin over, right?" The looks on his and Carmela's faces as she shuffles him out of the room...
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I've long felt that the reason Tony is so much more successful a mobster than his father is that he takes after his mother.
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Hey there! Are we going to continue the watch with season 2??
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Oh gosh, I'm actually now up to Season 5, and I was sort of hoping someone else might want to take over, but I'm willing to go back...
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If anyone else is up for continuing on into season 2, I am as well.
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