Legends of Tomorrow: Speakeasy Does It
November 4, 2021 9:28 PM - Season 7, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Gals help gals and make news pals, while the Gare-bear is here for your after-talk talk. The Bullet Blondes get wrapped up in silks during a Zari party and Gideon shows off her pipes.

Okay, I know the last episode didn't get any traction in FanFare, and if this one doesn't either, I think we can write off discussing Legends, but it seems a shame to do that now.

I just loved the wigs and hats and pearls. The dresses were kind of so-so, but I can live with that. It's funny, but I was having exactly the same thoughts as Zari during the party: "You're wearing that to host the fundraiser? Girl, you need to change." I'm glad Eddie was able to convince her to be in the moment. Also, Sara and Ava were just radiant under that spotlight, even though Caity's eyes just popped under that auburn wig.

I also loved Nate and Gary playing relationship counsellor/psychologist with each other. Both were dead-bang on of their analysis of the other person and their particular romantic foibles. Nate has needed a buddy for a while, and while he's got Behrad, I think he needs to chat with somebody who isn't quite as mellow, at least on occasion.

This episode had some not-very-fun issues to tackle head on (abusive relationships, racism, sexism, organized crime) and while some of the conversations were very blunt (calling Nate out for his white male status, pointing out that if they stop to help every woman in a bad relationship, Gideon, Spooner and Astra would never get outside the city, etc.), the writing was relatively sharp in how the characters delivered the dialogue, so it kept the whole episode from becoming too preachy--which would have been a very dissonant note given the speakeasy and cocktail club settings.

Speaking of the clubs, the performances were all entertaining (for an assortment of reasons): Gideon's lovely voice, Sara and Ava's fun energy, even Maude's mournful sound. At first, I didn't think Behrad was picking up on what the two other musicians were playing (he seemed to be playing to his own tempo and beat), but the trio came together nicely.

Watching Spooner (and to a lesser extent Gideon) trying to keep up with Astra's long-legged run was hilarious. It was also fun to watch Gary and Nate tag-team the mob goons, although Nate really could have turned his powers on for a bit. That might have stopped Hoover from getting in.

I'm so happy that Zari's phone ended up in the hands of the Legends. I was kind of dreading a plot where somebody from 1925 got a hold of it and used its existence and the information in it to terrorize the team/the future. That's such a been-there, done-that trope. Teasing that it could happen was a much better outcome than it actually happening.

The credits are great, and it's nice to get a glimpse of Matt Ryan's new character. I'm sure he's thrilled to stop having to bleach and dye his hair.

Okay, if it's not evident, I'm enjoying this season so much more than the last one.

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Sorry for not commenting on the previous episode’s post, and thanks for posting this episode.

I’m also really enjoying this season, definitely feels like they have their groove back. I just don’t feel like I have anything substantial to say, beyond ‘that was fun’. Loved the combination dance/action/relationship talk scene, that was definitive Legends-brand goodness.
posted by oh yeah! at 8:36 AM on November 5, 2021 [3 favorites]

That was pretty much my take as well. "That was fun," sums it up perfectly. I only commented as much as I did because I was trying to generate a bit of discussion and hoping to hit on at least one or two points that people can talk about.

It's hard to keep the conversation going when the show has been on this long, and when it's mainly just fun. There aren't a lot of philosophical disucssions we can have (that we haven't already had) about what's going on in the show. There are no huge plot twists or suddden shocks. It's all just chugging along and delivering a good 45-minute romp, which is all I really want out of this show.
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Am I the only one who liked Zari's red dress? The skirt design was great. Okay, it's not glam enough for a Zari Party, but I'll still put it up even against the white Bullet Blondes getups (nice nod to Chicago the musical there) for best dress in episode.

Whoever's playing the Hoovers is an incredibly good sport. Though I suppose sitting in a chair while Lotz and Macallan bop around tying you up is not the world's worst acting gig.

No love for Eddie? Eddie's a sweetheart. I was half hoping they'd scoop him up for the trip to New York.
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I think Zari's red dress was the best of the bunch. It was just too heavy a fabric and too much of a daytime style for the party. I can't remember if it was Sara's or Ava's, but the one with the sewn in modesty panel in the V-neck was just terrible.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Eddie pop up again, maybe at some point in his future.

It was really the lighting effect on the Bullet Blondes' hair that earned the radiant comment. There were so many great hairdos this episode, but I did have to laugh when we saw Ava first put on that black wig. In the initial shot, it was messy and not at all sleek (because her own hair wasn't pinned properly), then, one shot later, it's perfect. Magic!
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"We're not sisters." You tell 'em, Avalance.
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I loved the polka dot detailing on Zari's dress. Maybe we'll get a chance to see her in full 20's glam at some point later. I did wonder a little that so many people responded to Zari as nonwhite. With her hair and makeup, I'd expect her to pass pretty well as long as she was not standing next to Behrad. Eddie picking up on the cues makes sense, but the wig shop guy's hard snub was a little odd.

I laughed a little at the 'sisters' thing because I am fairly sure that 'sisters' was code for 'semi-closeted lesbian couple' at the time. I'd originally thought that was the joke, that the paper was making the sly allusion and Ava missed it.
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I'm really loving all their dresses, actually. And Sara looks great in a red wig. Ava's wig, not so great.
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:31 AM on November 25, 2021

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