Critical Role: The Trail and the Toll
November 9, 2021 7:30 AM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

While investigating a series of thefts at the behest of their potential patron, the group stumbles onto something much more dangerous than they anticipated, with lasting consequences...
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Travis was really killing it as Bertrand and that was a pretty good exit, though very telegraphed!

Someone on SA says they track hit points and even though they are wrong sometimes because they don't announce how many HP they get back from short rests, those two attacks would have put Bertie at exactly 0.

There is some disagreement over whether Matt really rolled a natty. Though people pointed out there were two more dagger attacks coming.

I don't remember exactly what was going on with the Raven Queen but maybe we're going to see some death gods duking it out this episode.
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Sir Bertands last words.

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I just saw Search for Grog and I still don't get his dying words..
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He's saying "Lev'tiel" (spelling?). Lev'tiel was Liam's one-shot character (the Raven Queen cleric) who kept hitting on Bertrand during the Search for Grog. Presumably at some point Bertrand finally realized his true feelings...:)
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Liam's fist pump reaction to Lieve'tel was cute (I think they do sleep together in Search for Bob)

The death was very telegraphed, but it definitely also seemed like it was Matt checking in with Travis on whether or not he wanted to do this now without saying anything explicit.

Matt later clarified on twitter that Bertrand was always supposed to be temporary, and that Travis's character is still coming up.

On other notes, I'm in love with the idea of Extreme Home Makeovers: Laudna Edition, and Lord Esteros, whose hobbies seem to be baking and fucking people up.
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and let us not forget.. Bert and Fearnie.
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Am pleased that Laudna's Message spell continues to be creepy af. Personal fave was Travis throwing in "What are you afraid of?" into all the cacophonous whispering.
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Really intrigued to see what the more permanent character Travis will have. Also really enjoying Robbie being at the table.
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Friend's Bert and Fernie on Insta
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This episode did make me wonder about NPC deaths, though. Seemed to me that at least some of the characters (FCG? Imogen?) would have been willing to give up a diamond to bring Danas back to life, but that was not even discussed as a possibility because the *players* know she was "just" an NPC, and probably not essential to the story.
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I think it wasn't discussed as a possibility because FCG wouldn't have revivify yet - they're level 3, FCG would have to be level five to get the spell. (Same with speak with dead, which is the spell I was wondering about). It's also pretty darn expensive when you're low level.

CR has used resurrection spells on beloved NPCs in the past, but I don't think they've ever bothered to resurrect a possible informant.
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Oh OK I hadn't realized that about the revivify. That makes sense.
Thinking back quickly, I can't think of a NPC brought back from death except those that died because they were to some extent collateral damage from a PCs actions. Although that's arguable I suppose!
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