Supernatural: Holy Terror
November 10, 2021 9:40 AM - Season 9, Episode 9 - Subscribe

The angels go to war against each other, and Ezekiel is revealed to be not what he has claimed to be.


Theo: I'll be a soldier for Metatron, do anything he wants.
Castiel: You, you serve Malachi.
Theo: I thought he was the answer, but he's crazy.
Castiel: You're noticing this now?

Dean: I need a spell, ASAP.
Kevin: Everyone always needs a spell, and it's always ASAP.

Metatron: Plan B. Rebuild heaven as the place God envisioned it, only with a handpicked few. No more anemic functionaries like Bartholomew. And no more stupid angels. [ponders] Maybe some funny ones.

Malachi: A dupe. The great Castiel, valued and trusted Castiel, top-of-the-Christmas-tree Castiel. No more than a dupe.

Dean: Trust that I told you everything that I can for now. Can you do that?
Kevin: I always trust you. And I always end up screwed.
Dean: Oh, come on. Always? Not always.

Gadreel: You intend to be the ruler of this new heaven, am I correct?
Metatron: It is a burden I feel I must accept.
Gadreel: Then, Metatron, does that not make you God?
Metatron: Oh. Semantics.

Castiel: That's according to April.
Dean: The reaper you banged?
Castiel: Yeah, and you stabbed.
Dean: Yeah. She was hot.
Castiel: So hot. And very nice. Up to the point she started torturing me.
Dean: Yeah. Well, not every hook-up's perfect.

Sam: These are all the victims, right? They were all baptized together.
Dean: Baptized?
Sam: Yeah. They were a born-again biker gang.
Dean: Well, that is not something you hear every day.


When the church group enters the bikers bar, the song playing on the jukebox is "Bad Luck" by Social Distortion.

The starting of the episode is in Wyoming, the license plate is for county 32. There aren't 32 counties in Wyoming.

When Gadreel comments to Metatron that Metatron taking over Heaven makes him God, Metatron says he would never go by that name. but that when the time comes, he would go by "X". X is the Greek abbreviation for Christ.
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That was some pretty accomplished choral singing.

Dean treated Kevin like a servant. He could have -- and should have -- confided in Kevin as to what was really going on. Kevin might have been better able to protect himself if he'd been fully informed. But then it's one of Dean's issues that he's very protective and one of the things he does is withhold information from people when it isn't wise to do so.

Castiel tricking that angel into freeing him and then stealing his grace and stabbing him was pretty badass.
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The reveal doesn’t land quite as well as it should with Metatron just announcing it, but I still think Gadreel was a good twist. Not just the train wreck that takes them from Dean begging for help in the hospital to getting dumped on the bunker floor with poor Kevin, though I like that too. The second angel to use Sam's body is also the one who could have kept Lucifer away from humanity and didn’t, and was punished accordingly, even if he was just a small part of a much bigger plan beyond his knowledge or control, none of which is a million miles from Sam himself.

Pretty on point for Metatron to have had essentially forever to plot his revenge, then it turns out wandering around Heaven with no pants is only fun for like five minutes and this plan had no step two.

I get why they’re approaching Castiel’s humanity as him having no idea how humans work and so basing a lot of his worldview on Sam and Dean (god help him), but he’s millions of years older than they are, he theoretically spent a lot of that time on earth, he hears human prayers, he shared a body with a human for years. The perspective is hugely different, he’s basically a different species now, I feel like human behavior should be weird and uncomfortable but not THAT big a surprise. But I mainly want to know when and how angels started getting reputations as “anarchists.”

The Winchesters did not deserve Kevin. Which he knew, and he still didn’t make it out. Rough stuff.
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I'm surprised that grace is transferrable and generic. I figured it would be more like a soul--an individual blessing bestowed upon each angel by God. Instead, it was just a mass produced and interchangeable part.
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Heaven has a dungeon. Huh. Jerks.

How many angels are there supposed to be, and do they multiply/ can more be created?

This 'grace' thing feels super like "the quickening" from 'Highlander.' With the electricity-looking effects too.


At this point, I'm disinclined to believe anything the angels or the bible says, and that odds favour that they're all from the planet Zeist.

WTF! Kevin?! Jeeze, I share a first name with him.
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Well, Connor and Castiel do share the same taste in outerwear. I mean, you've got to hide that blade somewhere. Duncan, on the other hand, sported a darker palette.
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Nice! I forgot about Connor's peculiar 80's wardrobe. Anything but those white Nikes (or Adidas, or whoever). Lambert and Collins kinda have a similar look around the eyes, but Lambert's is from severe myopia.

Your 'darker palette' isn't loading for me.
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Sorry. It's just Duncan in his long black coat pointing a sword at Methos in his long black coat.

For whatever reason, I can copy the link and paste it in a new tab, but linking to it causes an error.
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Kevin was Done Wrong.

The character - and the brilliant actor Osric Chau, deserved better.

But - at this point in the series it was becoming clear that only the Holy trinity of Dean, Sam and Castiel had real permanence within that universe.

EVERYONE else is disposable.
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Crowley seemed to have clawed his way into if not permanence, then at least semi-permanence.
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Faintdreams is right on disposability. Though even Crowley was gone permanently after awhile. I think I always expected him to come back and he never did?
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