Stove League: Episode Eleven
November 14, 2021 9:50 AM - Season 1, Episode 11 - Subscribe

To spite GM Baek, the CEO cancels travel for spring training, forcing the team to do cold weather training. Baek and his team look for ways to make up ground, including reaching out to past staff members who have left the fold.

Streaming in the US on Kocowa.
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One thing I haven't mentioned is the occasionally hilarious translation of baseball lingo. Mind you, Have m not talking about mistranslation, because there isn't any. In talking about places where conflicting idioms for baseball make for awkward or funny lines.

Instead of "that ball got away from him!" as an American play-by-play announcer would say, the Dreams commentator says "The ball had escaped his grasp!"

My absolute favorite is in this episode where the bullpen catcher remarks, completely innocently, "Your balls are fantastic today!!!"
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Other favorite moment in this ep:

"He's the best left-handed batting practice pitcher in the league!"
"Yes, but he threw at a player's head after an argument!"
"Well, that is totally unacceptable.... Wait, who was it he threw at?"
"Lim Dong-gyu."
"Okay, maybe we can look into him after all."
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The Kocowa subtitles areā€¦ not so great. I'm definitely conflicted about Viki's policy of using fan labor for subtitling- bad for translators, but it does make for better subtitles.
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