Arcane: League of Legends: The Base Violence Necessary for Change
November 16, 2021 3:38 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The reason for Vander and Slico's hatred is revealed. Jayce and Viktor risk it all for their research. Powder tries to help the gang with a rescue.
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Gotta say, even having a rough idea of how this was probably gonna shake out, I was still a little surprised at how dark they went. Not an animated show for kids!
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I was… a little underwhelmed? The story beats were really mechanical, and probably telegraphed all to hell to people familiar with the game lore, and I found the last bit drawn out and way to invested in wallowing in the characters’ grief. There was a degree of gloating voyeurism in trying to grab operatic levels of drama that the story just doesn’t support. On the up side, the fight scenes are nicely choreographed and the art is growing on me.
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So I'm here because of the post in the Blue.

I gave this the 3 episode treatment, and this one got me onboard.
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