Old Henry (2021)
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A farmer and his son takes in an injured gunfighter, and tends to his wounds. A posse claiming to be lawmen come looking for him, and the farmer has to choose who to believe.

Tim Blake Nelson in His Ultimate Noble-Hick Performance: After years of playing hayseeds, he goes deeper in a Western that's like a minimalist "Unforgiven." - Owen Gleiberman [Variety]

Outstanding Western gives the versatile Tim Blake Nelson a chance to shine: Playing an isolated farmer who finds a fugitive, the character actor delivers world-weary greatness. - Richard Roeper [ChicagoSunTimes]

Blake Nelson, one of our finest actors, gives Henry’s mysterious inner life physical expression. He writes a whole novel with his lopsided glare alone... - Bilge Ebiri [Vulture]
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For me, it was an evocative story of the relationship between a father and son foremost, then the personal demons and secret past second.

I'm a fan of Tim Blake Nelson, and always thought that it was a shame that he's relegated mostly to goofy roles (example par excellence is his goofy role in the pretty darned good 'Flypaper.' Very under-rated but outstanding cast).

Nelson is very good here.
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