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Moiraine struggles with uncertainty while Lan struggles with their new companion. Rand wonders about Mat. Egwene and Perrin take their first steps down a different path. An incredible new power is unleashed on the world.
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Really enjoyed this episode, I am loving all the little relationship threads growing between the characters. So many lovely moments. And Maria Doyle Kennedy's travelling wise-woman! (She's so great. Surely I'll get over the Orphan Black flashbacks at some point. On the other hand maybe I should just rewatch it.)

Must remember to stay out of the books included thread though, ugh. (But there's no-one in here! Are you all too full of turkey to post or what?)
posted by Coaticass at 3:21 PM on November 28, 2021

Tor.com recap.
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My wife, who noped out of the first book in her teens, is really loving the show and it makes me super happy. (I am also delighted by it but I can probably recite the plot of the first three books beat-for-beat and Alex gets treated to rather a lot of off-the-cuff analysis of the choices the screenwriters are making.)
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Yes, the scenes with Maria Doyle Kennedy are always great in anything. She has really good chemistry with her son here, too.

I also enjoyed watching Logain's acting, and most of the warders. Moiraine feeling Logain's invisible power for the first time was also a really good moment!
posted by Acari at 7:47 AM on November 29, 2021

But there's no-one in here! Are you all too full of turkey to post or what?)

I think there’s a lot of book readers. But actually, if folks are game for it, I would love to hear kind of a “gut check” from non-readers about how the series is going? For us it’s a lot of how-does-it-compare but I’ve no idea how this is landing with people who haven’t read the series- which would be good to know as I imagine that’s what’s going to determine whether it gets renewed for another season!
posted by corb at 8:50 AM on November 30, 2021

I’ve never read the books, and I find this series to be a fun watch. I don’t get all the criticism about the cgi. Seems fine to me.
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I imagine that’s what’s going to determine whether it gets renewed for another season!

I imagine you know this, but in case you didn't: not only was it renewed for season 2, season 2 is (just about?) done with principal photography.

I've never read any of the books and it's landing fine for me. Not as well as that first season of GoT did so far, but I don't expect that it needs to.
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not only was it renewed for season 2, season 2 is (just about?) done with principal photography

Surprisingly, I didn't, so thank you! That's good to hear on both counts. This feels to me like a series which hits its stride as things are going, so the more time before the next decision, the better.
posted by corb at 2:24 PM on December 2, 2021

I’m technically a books included person, but I stopped reading after crown of swords, released in 1996, so everything’s VERY muddled and hazy; I’m probably an ideal person for this series, as I remember the general concepts (channeling! Warders! Aes Sedai!), but very few specific details - any changes or updates that this show does wont trip me up.

This episode was so much better than the first two - plot movements, some chance to get to know the younger characters. Very much enjoy the diverse casting.

I’ll be digging in and watching the rest for sure. Looking forward to fanfaring the rest of this with all of you.
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The MOMENT we saw that one Aes Sedai and her warder guy having a pleasant, lively conversation I was like, welp, these ancillary characters are hella doomed. Sad to be proven right, I really liked their dynamic.
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Is there a name for the Mat's character archetype? very similar to the personality of Klaus Hargreeves.
posted by rebent at 7:10 AM on December 5, 2021

I've been watching this with my fellow D&D party, so we've been attributing Mat to the player who is definitely going to loot that corpse because it had something sparkly, and will open the treasure box even after being warned to not touch anything.

I am the player who would give my character a rigid moral code like the three oaths and then justify why my actions technically still fit that. Another of us would give their character a dead wife background to do some guilty brooding.
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I'm a non-book reader, and it's landing fine. I think there's more weight to some of the incidental scenes or statements than some other non-book watchers are realizing, leading to some annoyances? But it's good enough to have me waiting to see what comes next.

Although I think the general complaint that ... hey this is like (scene from another property) and this is like (scene from a third property) and this is like (scene from a fourth property) are not entirely unfair?
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Matt is a trickster rogue, likely to do bad things for the right reasons, or sometimes bad things for bad reasons. You're never quite sure which is which.
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