Wheel of Time: Blood Calls to Blood   Show Only 
December 4, 2021 9:17 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Perrin and Egwene run into a familiar face. Mat and Rand see strange ones. Moiraine and Lan mourn their loss.

The show provides its first spectacular look at the Aes Sedai stronghold Tar Valon and begins reuniting the Emond’s Field characters. -IGN

More than anything “Blood Calls Blood” feels like The Wheel Of Time trying to work around the inherent limitations of television, for better and worse. -AVClub

Was anyone else getting some Twilight vibes when Perrin was vibing out? No, just me? I would also have spent more time doing some stabby-stab on Valda before running away from the whitecloak tents, but I imagine he'll reappear later in the show (with a nifty scar?).

Enjoyed the first appearance of the Ogiers, which brings adds to our non-human menagerie. Fellow non-book watchers (or abandoned book readers), what did you think?
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I'm enjoying this show more with each episode so far. Despite all the derivative elements, or maybe I should start calling them homages. (What if Treebeard, crossed with Beorn, was a bibliophile? But I am here for it!)

Not so much Twilight, Teen Wolf maybe? I guess it depends on the depth of your wolf adjacent fandom background, or something.

Valda sure made me feel stabby. Go Egwene!
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When he said "Ogiers" I said "and we do Magik, with a k."

I'm enjoying this very much, while also laughing at bits I'm not supposed to be laughing at. I've decided that all the sets are green screens except for the doors, which they have spent a lot of time working on and that's why they are constantly opening and closing them: they want us to admire how nice their functional doors are.
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I was admiring the windows in the tower! I wish I could think of a place in my home for that kind of kumiko-esque design. I'd be happy to build those.
(Less happy to dust them)

My pacifist wife said, on seeing egwene stabbing valda, "no! You need to stab him more than that!"
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Non book watcher here, like it generally, it does seem like it would be better from reading, some of the back story of the characters like the folks dressed in white seems more obscure than necessary unless there is a great twist coming. They don't seem a total mystery to the characters so a bit of dialog giving "those whites are total nutcases, they hate the witches because___" would not seem out of place. There are books in the society so even if the folks in a small town in the hills seem like they would have a bit more knowledge of the world they can walk to in a few weeks.
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To me those guys make perfect sense! In a world where only women can use magic, of COURSE there’s gonna be a group of men who will take any excuse to cut them down, under the banner of justice and righteousness. I’m not sure if we’re meant to be reading more into it than that.
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Mod note: One deleted. Sorry, but coded comments (rot13, etc.) are discouraged except in rare circumstances because no one wants threads full of or interrupted by unreadable text. But also, you just gotta roll with the restrictions. If it's "show only," I understand how it can be frustrating to feel like you understand something or know something important, helpful, or just interesting, but if it's not revealed in the show, it may be either different in that "world," so not a part of the story, or just doesn't have the significance it does in the book(s), or perhaps will be revealed later.
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