Jade Legacy
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Fonda Lee's newest book (just out a few days ago) continuing the story of the No Peak Clan. Society is changing around the clans, with external pressures and personal relationships coming to bear on the Kaul family.
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/me sends request for library to purchase
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I just finished it. I thought my recent spate of reading shorter books was the issue, but it’s a whopper of a book and I think some of it is flab that could have been trimmed. But as it starts to roll downhill to the conclusion, I really was invested.
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I wish Hilo's horrific actions in book two had come back around on him a bit more than they did, but overall this is a very much an epic conclusion to an epic series.
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I’m about 3/4 through this right now and I just need to say to someone

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WHEW. Good stuff.

I agree that there was a bit here that just padded out the pages and didn’t add much to the story, but overall a worthy and satisfying conclusion. I was struggling with the fact that I was so invested in the well-being of these people who are, like ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE, so it was extra pleasing to have the end be “well… let’s not do that shit anymore.”

One of the small things I’ve loved about this whole trilogy is how well crafted the invented language of this world is. I read a lot of fantasy/sf, so obviously I encounter that made-up language a lot, but oftentimes it just… doesn’t flow, doesn’t work, pulls me out instead of immersing me. That pretty much never happened in the Saga. Kudos for that.

Also, UGH, the tears: “is there anything you want me to say to Lan?” What a line!
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