The Adventure Zone: Ethersea - Episode 19
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The Abyssal Auction: Part Six With the auction house's security systems thwarted, the facility's survivors attempt a hasty retreat. Zoox does what Zoox does best: Networking with unidentified, dangerous sea life. Additional music in this episode: "Night I" by Swelling; "So sorry little girl" by ROZKOL; and "Fearweaver" by Three Chain Links
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This was a weird episode, even by their standards. Hesitate to say more than that because everything I want to remark on is too spoileriffic.
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"Was that the one?" was so perfect, with Justin's deep, quiet voice. Just so perfectly evocative and tense.
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I'm seeing references to the Arms Outstretched, in relation to this episode, and it's a really interesting contrast. Taako immediately reached out to get Magnus; Devo, here, hesitates before jumping in after Amber. Merle did the extraordinary to assist Taako; Zoox, here, was actively hampering Devo. It's not a mirror image, and it's not an exact inversion, but it's like an echo that's been distorted.
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So, judging from the lack of fanfare posts for subsequent episodes I’m guessing I’m not the only person who’s fallen off this season.

It’s weird - I wanted griffin to DM, I wanted them to go back to d&d, but… this just isn’t a very good show anymore? Justin’s clear lack of interest, Travis being.. travis.. I just find myself pushing episodes further and further down my podcast playlist
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