Lost in Space: Season 3 (Full Season)
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The Robinsons continue to find themselves in a series of perilous predicaments, in the third and final season of the Netflix reboot of the series.
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I watched a couple episodes yesterday and finished up just now.

This show really grew on me over the seasons. I'm glad it got a definitive ending and not a cliffhanger cancelation or tacked-on wrap-up finale.
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Honestly I enjoyed it a lot too, light space adventure on other planets that were improbably strange in good and interesting ways. It was a fun universe to spend time in.
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I feel like Parker Posey's agent definitely spoke to the producers. They stopped dressing her down. She looks great here.
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Posey's character is such an iconic character and performance. I rarely get super agitated by TV villains but lord do I loathe that Doctor.
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I’ll admit that the mythology of the robots was among the least interesting parts of the show to me, so I had low hopes for the final season…but….. they really wrapped this up well.

There were some themes of chosen family in the final episodes that were more subtextual than textual, and I kind of wish they dug a little deeper into them… but I can’t really find too much fault. It was a really solid ending to an underrated series.

I’m still not entirely sure who the producers thought this show was for. As a Family Space Adventure, parts of it work better than anything else attempted in the genre (including Doctor Who). But, oh man, even though we got a (much needed) happily-ever-after, parts of this are bleak. I used to joke that every episode of the show put at least one character in low-stakes mortal peril - because obviously, the show isn’t going to kill Will. But, by the end, the show had taken us through enough genuinely harrowing and upsetting ordeals that I actually believed they might do it. Are these really the table stakes for family TV today?

As “Serious Sci Fi,” a lot works well too! The survival episodes are sometimes a little hand-wavey, but were generally top notch. The acting and production were phenomenal too. But….. there are plot holes you could fly a Jupiter through (and as the show repeatedly demonstrated, they can survive anything ). Hard Science Fiction, this wasn’t.

I think I liked this, because (despite the incredibly high production values), the show had no pretensions about what it was trying to be. I’m still not remotely sure what the intended audience was… but for the audience of Me, I found myself enjoying it far more than expected. Was definitely not expecting to end up binging the final season!
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Ah, this was good - well paced, just enough tension to keep you coming back, not saccharine sweet, and not entirely "the kids will solve this through the pureness of their hearts", although that last (couple of? whenever they discovered that robots in distress just wanna be friends) episode got _awfully close_...

I'm sort of glad they didn't just end up rehabilitating Dr. Smith and letting her go live her assumed life with noone the wiser. I've sort of forgotten the scope of her crime, but wasn't it more along the lines of identity theft of her (deceased?) sister rather than something darker?

I wish they'd gone over a bit more of the Robot / Scarecrow / SAR story in the "last season on LiS" bumper - considering how much of this season's story basically revolved around SAR's hate-on for Will and the Robot, I'd sort of forgotten what it was that ticked him off in the first place.

I'm glad they wrapped it up, although there's enough of a story lead left behind in case they want to bring it back as the original Space Family Robinson in the future. Like, I dunno, Will discovers something really nifty and drags his family into it and voila. Honestly I wonder if the monster of the week format has any legs, I'd almost like to see a bunch of competent people solving problems on the regular again, without having to have it be an 8 episode arc _all the time_...
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