And Just Like That...: When in Rome
December 19, 2021 2:20 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Despite the support of Miranda, Charlotte, and Stanford, Carrie seems to need a place. In particular, she may try to escape Charlotte, who is sometimes emotionally suffocated.
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Well look, I'm gonna watch it all, basically no matter what. I wouldn't say I loved this episode, but I also didn't not love it.

I appreciate Stanford confronting Charlotte for not accepting him as one of the girls, and Anthony talking her down re: Rose. I appreciate Charlotte trying to talk to Carrie about Miranda's alcoholism and Carrie not hearing her because she's too wrapped up in her own problems. I don't buy Carrie walking the entire island of Manhattan in those shoes, but hey I do buy her walking the entire island of Manhattan, and her being unable to sleep seems very realistic. I'm not loving how gaga Miranda is for Che, but I totally believe Miranda and Steve have settled into an amiable & sexless relationship.

Bursting in on Natasha in the restroom after everything that went down at Natasha's workplace? Very, very Sex and the City, right?

And should we talk about Chris Noth? I wonder if he's meant to be in any of the upcoming episodes? Maybe as a flashback and/or sort of ghostly vision in Carrie's head?

Lastly, I was sad to see statements from the cast & producer that this was Willie Garson's final episode, though he'd been meant for a bigger presence in the season. So, so sad.
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And should we talk about Chris Noth?

I read that on the morning after his character’s death, Peloton stock dropped 11%. And indeed, a worried Peloton rounded up Noth and the performer who played his trainer do do a new commercial and stress that he was still alive.
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Right, ricochet biscuit. And then...Noth got accused of sexual harrassment/rape, the Peleton ad was pulled, he lost his agent & got fired from his other show, the actresses put out a statement standing by his accusers. So it's gonna feel mighty weird if Big shows up in upcoming episodes.
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