Critical Role: A Woodworker's Quandary
December 20, 2021 12:28 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The group gets to know a very unusual new friend who requests their help in a missing person's case while Dorian receives some unwelcome tidings from a beloved family member...
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That thumbnail image...

Oh crap - didn't link to the episode - here it is
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No cheese dust floating in the air. I'm calling shenanigans!
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My crush on Robbie grows by leaps and bounds every time he talks.
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I like the moment when Liam is liike, "Travis how do you expect any of us to focus on the game".

It's interesting to me whenever the CR crew gets into theater nerd shit. Recently I found myself defending CR against some criticisms about how it feels fake, how it feels like parasocial relationship bait... My defense was like, look, these guys are a specific kind of theater nerd living in LA, it's just a way some people are.
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I've seen similar criticisms about things being planned or scripted. I haven't seen anything really except ExU and this season but from a role-playing consent perspective I'm sure some scenarios are at least discussed if not actually plotted in advance. Timing might be unpredictable but it's expected. I know they're long time friends, blah blah blah, but in a well run RP group of they're going serious places and doing high drama situations I would hope they're discussing what is happening, who is involved and where it's going. Consider it the longest, most involved Exquisite Corpse story.
Friends just pass it off as "they're a high role-play group" but knowing how many LARP groups (*cough* Vampire *cough*) have melted down because someone did something to their character and was not cool with it, people need to know what's what.
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I absolutely loved the first half of the episode - the good wilder/bad wilder attempt, the Dorian and Chetney interactions, and the reveal of the himbo older brother. I could not stop laughing.
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Very funny. "I have them on toy retainer"
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I've seen similar criticisms about things being planned or scripted.

I used to think that when I'd only seen a smattering of episodes (especially the end of S1). I do suspect they think of scenes they want to have with each other, and some of them maybe even think of big character moments and maybe even get speeches ready at the end of arcs, and the one-shots may be simply more railroaded.

However after seeing all of S2 there's just so much stuff that's pure stupid-ass D&D group and I don't think they are like operating even with an outline of what might happen in any session, they are pretty much playing D&D, the vast majority of it is truly off the cuff. I think the CR group is even MORE chaotic than a lot of groups. Mercer gives them a lot of freedom.
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I really liked this episode. Feels like there's a few more concrete threads to follow and the characters are starting to gel and dynamics are forming.

All helped by Travis bringing some solid chaotic energy. This clip collection of Chetney and Dorian, err, interacting is delightful on rewatch. Everyone likes Dorian and Robbie is just so charming that bringing Chetney in to antagonise him is inherently hilarious to me. "Why are you so mean to me?" was the line of the episode.
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