Yellowjackets: Saints
December 20, 2021 7:05 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The girls tangle with the birds and the bees, navigating love, lust and DIY surgery. In the present: blackmail, bunnies and an icy reunion. Misty prepares for a houseguest.

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So Taissa acting possessed and eating dirt... Lottie didn't just hallucinate that?
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I really like this show and plan to watch all the way through but I am mildly annoyed at how slow the mystery is. Not much seems to actually be happening in the present beyond a cautious circling around each other. The past feels more interesting.
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It's so weird how much online speculation there is that Shauna's daughter might be the baby from her teen pregnancy. I mean... that was 25 years ago and she is a teenager. So... no.
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Prediction: Couch will be the first one to fall in a fit of rage from Misty, and then get eaten.

Question: is Shona doing the blackmail to pay for the daughters collage?
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I started watching this a few days ago, and I think it's great...but the rate of revelation would drive me nuts if I were watching this weekly (which I will be before it's over). It's obvious the show was written with the season-dump model in mind.

That said -- how long can this go on for? If a year elapses between production of the seasons, we'd seriously have to suspend some disbelief after a while to process the '90s scenes.
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Whew, that nightmare brunch with Jackie's parents was really something else. I loved the revelation that Shauna has been receiving rabbit tchotchkes for years in Jackie's honor. It definitely casts Shauna's rabbit-killing in a different light.

Having just watched Ted Lasso -- where most of the characters are weirdly uninterested in soccer -- I was happy to see Nat's impromptu coaching!

I'm so freaked out by Lottie. This is deranged, given that Misty is character on this show...but Lottie is just unsettling.
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There's no drug in the world that would act as fast as that shot Misty gave the reporter, surely? I mean, she jabbed it in her leg and then instantly she was asleep. In real life, I doubt the drug would have even been able to reach her brain by then.
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New theory: Taissa is blackmailing herself.
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