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I binged the season yesterday/today, and enjoyed it overall. I feel like there were less "capitalism is the problem" episodes this time around. Like, the 'OMG Squee' baker was overworking herself, but it seemed like the problem wasn't so much that she couldn't afford to get more staff but that she didn't realize there was help to be had. Anyway, it was a nice season.
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I am really looking forward to this. Those who've watched - which is the best ep this season?
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I'm only on episode 3 so far, but episode 2 was wonderful.
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I was a little miffed about the first episode because it seemed at first to be a free-spirited woman who was being forced into a Grandma box but then the story got more real and went in a different place - Jonathan's work with her where he didn't work with her was so respectful and patient, and I noticed form then on how much they check-in with the people they're working with. I binged it as well, but expect to have to rewatch it with my kids.

My favourite was the guy who clearly had no idea who they were but was still very welcoming and - well, you can see why he's got so many people rooting for him.
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I liked the episode with the prom committee, because damn, what an awesome group of young people.
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My mental health took a dive recently and this season is destroying me, but only in the best possible way. I’m hearing a lot of sensible things that resonate.
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Enjoying the season!

Did anyone else notice that they stopped doing that thing where they go into the "hero's" space initially and sort of tear things up/tease the hero about the way things look? They're still commenting on stuff but it seems gentler. I wonder if this was a conscious choice?

They also seem to have more of a focus on non-profit/ small business owners this season. I wonder if they were trying to help people out in light of Covid .
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Oh god I only just turned on the first ep but it had me sobbing by the end. I really love this show. It's just so good-natured.
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I have watched 3.5 episodes (I started and have not finished the prom episode, as I had a hard time engaging without one subject), and I love how accommodating the team is. They meet people where they are. Like bearette said, they've stopped making it a "surprise" that they show up and I definitely think that's on purpose. They're so nice that it gets on my nerves any time the subject isn't 100% open to them - you don't deserve them! Or maybe I'm just jealous of that beautiful shipping crate HOUSE Bobby put together for the cowboy.
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This season overall didn't make me ugly cry as much as previous (except for the one with the animal rescue woman which .. my heart!) but it's still so precious! I love all of them and everyone they worked with! I also agree the show -- which was already so kind -- is so much kinder now. None of them pushed anyone too far outside their comfort zone & it just all felt so sweet and gentle. This show has always been about making people who they want to be but this season especially just felt like "you're already the best version of you, but here are a few upgrades because you deserve it." I really liked that.

Also, Angel ... oh, Angel. I loved Sarah & OMG Squee but I think Angel was my favorite overall (beyond Jamie from Safe in Austin).
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Sometimes I bounce really hard off of this show, especially a lot of the early episodes. But so far this season is definitely hitting me in the right place; it feels a bit different and maybe that's the influence of the pandemic on it or something but I'm much more tuned in now. And oh my heart, Todd! I just identified with him so much in his grief and feelings of hopelessness for the future and it was so lovely to see how they honored his loss but helped him move on. I have never wanted to spend a dime on anything in fucking Texas but it's so tempting to go down there and drive to Plooky's and eat gumbo. And Dr. Jereka!! What an incredible woman. I'm so glad they could do something for her and both the clinic and the family.

Really, I'm not finished yet with the season but they've all been such fascinating subjects, and I kind of don't want this one to end.
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I really needed this season.

I rewatched previous seasons during 2020 just for the joy and comfort. But as others have mentioned, I feel like the Fab 5 have been more gentle with the heroes this time around, which makes so much sense with everything going on. Not that they have ever been cruel, but I feel like sometimes the producers take over, and the guys just have to do what they have to do.

I think I also really, REALLY need those Lego. ;-)
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I wasn’t going to watch this, but I started a couple of nights ago. Turns out I’m not completely dead inside.

I loved the OMG Squee! woman. I could identify with her in some ways (except I’m not accomplishing anything with my life, but I *am* overwhelmed and my weight fluctuates). And it was nice to see her be told that she’s beautiful and sexy and deserving.
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