Abbott Elementary: Light Bulb
January 5, 2022 10:33 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Janine takes it upon herself to fix every problem when she notices a flickering light bulb in the hallway; Gregory asks Barbara for help talking to a parent, which leads him to spend his lunch period in an unexpected way.
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I really like this as an office comedy. Janine and her mix of flaws and strengths is an endearing main character. I’m not sure about the principal but I love her being able to fail up somehow and her clear amorality. Of course she’s a prepper.
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I'm thoroughly enjoying this, and this episode's cold open with 6ABC and Jim Gardner was so perfect. Jim is like Philadelphia's hot grandfather -- or maybe that just for women of a certain age.

The principal cracks me up, especially her parroting the student's mother, "But you're doing it so well." I'm enjoying her cluelessness.
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I love that this part of our world is being shown, and shown so well. Also, it seems to be a very sweet and funny show.
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I am torn between adoring this for its funny but very true portrayal of low-income urban schools, and finding it very hard to watch for pretty much the same reason.
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I have worked in a huge variety of urban public schools over the last 22 years (I am an itinerant specialist teacher so I’ve never had fewer than 3 schools at a time) and boy do I love this show.

I started off as. Ms. Teagues buuut I’m hardcore Ms. Howard now. 🤷‍♀️ Especially this year I am just controlling what I can control and doing what I do well as well as I can do it. The Teagues-Howard spectrum has been the source of some of the better education discussions I have had this year.
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I dove into this because I fucking love Quinta Brunson. I wasn’t totally sold on the first episode, but this show hit its stride REALLY fast, and it’s become truly excellent in just a few episodes. The jokes, the settings, the relationships, the depth of character. It’s awesome!
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This show is so good! It’s got a lot of heart but the jokes don’t hold back. The principal feels like every incompetent self-absorbed director/leader I’ve had, and they really nail some of the archetypes you see working at a school.
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OK, I only just watched the first episode, and holy shit I feel like I have to re-process 10+ years of career trauma all over again.

This show is sweet and funny and it's also so legit I doubt it lands the same for people who haven't taught or worked in schools. But the biggest and most refreshing thing is how it's not the usual "TV teacher" stuff that leaves me screaming "You're gonna get fired! You SHOULD be fired!" at my screen. Instead I'm just sitting there thinking, yep, it's like that.

My only real critique is that Ms. Howard combines two conflicting, polar opposite behavior sets. The teacher who has her shit together and does the job like a total pro is also a habitual mentor. She doesn't blow off the newbie teachers. Guidance comes off of those teachers out of habit. Conversely, the teachers who ignore the newbies are usually also checked out on the job and give zero fucks about anything anymore, at least in my experience. It feels like a weird combo for that character.

Otherwise, yeah. Damn. That show is super legit.
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Okay, just started this show and it's so Michael Schur I'm surprised he wasn't involved in it. The documentary. The optimistic, can-do heroine. The Jim/Pam dynamic. The cranky mentor. Don't get me wrong, I like that, but I was legitimately surprised when I Googled and he's not involved?
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