Abbott Elementary: Egg Drop
November 17, 2022 6:24 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The eighth grade class does an egg drop. Janine insists that the second graders do it too. Much egg splatter ensues. In other news, Barbara is disconcerted by a parent who got "Bitch" tattooed across her decolletage.

Oh man! This episode! Janine and her Velcro shoes! Janine um...not actually understanding science or the concept of the egg drop is to CUSHION THE EGG SO IT DOESN'T BREAK (or you secretly hardboil it, as Melissa smartly did).

Janine's optimism, to me, is exactly what drives me nutfuck about optimists and I enjoyed her being called out on "toxic optimism." Ignoring ANYTHING about reality (or being too short to get to Gregory's hand) makes me crazeballs. "I'm gonna believe, so I'm gonna do it!" "Yes, but you need to like, TRY TO CUSHION THE EGGS FIRST." Sometimes you just need the dang pessismists around to point out that there's going to be an issue and here is something positive (har) you can do to avoid it, dammit.

(Reminds me of work this week when I pointed out on Monday we were going to have a problem and was literally told, "Well, we don't KNOW that's going to happen yet, we're not going to do anything," I cited a news article, they ignored it, and sure 'nuff, by today, WE GOT PROBLEM and in fact, other people were notified about it on Monday. They still are refusing to do anything about it in the long term, because Optimism!)

Of COURSE the 8th grade teacher hates Jacob, that goes without saying.

Oh, poor Barbara. I winced for her every time she saw a swear word.
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This was a good episode and I appreciated how it focused on the idea that the path to the right answer can be one of repeated failure. It essentially tracked both Janine's and Barbara's storylines, as both believe they know how to solve a problem, but keep failing miserably at it. I was a bit pleased that they provided an opportunity for Eva to also inject a little wisdom into the moment, too.
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Yeah, I loved how Eva got that moment too and really enjoyed the Barbara storyline. The toxic positivity one worked a little less well for me though. I feel like Janine has been more 'Oh no! What did you learn? Let's try again', so her complete rejection of failure felt too extreme to me?
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"I hate to waste all these eggs when the Cowboys are in town." Melissa has to resort to plan B.
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"I'm just going to chime in that I'm going to sit this one out." Hahaha, Jacob.

I enjoyed grumpy Mr. Morton, and I loved Gregory's increasingly distressed faces as everyone else confessed their anti-scientific beliefs in the teachers lounge. "I bet you believe the dinosaurs went extinct."

Also always here for the moments when Ava is wise.
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Just for the heck of it: Egg Drop From Space, from that guy who does the squirrel obstacle courses.
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