Naomi: Don't Believe Everything You Think
January 11, 2022 7:02 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

I've never read the comics. Kinda wish they had aired episode 2 along with the pilot, since this first episode didn't give any reveals on what Naomi's superpowers are. But Walfall seems like a capable lead, and I'm intrigued to see what Ava DuVerney does with the genre.
posted by oh yeah! at 7:36 PM on January 11, 2022

There's a lot in this first ep about "fitting in" (or not). Naomi is adopted, which is something she's always aware of and seems to feel a little alienated (so to speak) by, but she's also got a levelheaded set of adoptive parents and a bunch of good friends (generally well-cast, but one or two need to settle in a bit, and I hope they will).

Promising, and I will continue watching!
posted by humbug at 6:56 AM on January 12, 2022

I'm looking forward to watching this as it is the first time I've read the comics before watching a show*. There was one Naomi series that came out in 2019. The trade paperback was finally published last week. The character has appeared in one or two other comics as I recall. I don't think it is spoilery to say that "fitting in" is a big part of her story.

*Not counting the sporadic reading of comics I did as a little kid decades ago.
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