Murder, She Wrote: Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday   Rewatch 
January 9, 2015 10:05 AM - Season 2, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Jessica is upset when she learns that the the publisher Christopher Bundy is new employer of her nephew, Grady Fletcher. Bundy just purchased the magazine Literary Lines, which is to run one of her stories, and transforms the magazine from classy content to 'centerfold' trash. With Grady in tow, she visits the publisher but finds little sympathy about her situation. When Bundy is soon found dead, Jessica has a murder to solve, and there is no shortage of suspects.
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One of the best things about the MS,W watch is falling down the IMDB rabbit hole. I can't get through an episode without thinking, hey, that guy looks familiar, pausing, and finding my way back to the episode some 20 minutes later.

Case in point, this episode led me to Bert Convy's trivia page, where I found the most fantastic tidbit:
In 1968 Convy was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. When police waded into the crowd outside his hotel beating them with billy clubs and truncheons, many of the demonstrators ran into the hotel to escape the beatings, and several found their way to Convy's room. Police burst into his room, beat the demonstrators bloody, arrested them and hauled them off to jail (where many were beaten yet again). Convy, horrified at the unprovoked and vicious assaults and enraged at the police's kicking in his hotel room door, showed up at the jail, passed himself off as the demonstrators' lawyer (!!!) and demanded that they be released immediately. He caused such a ruckus that just to get rid of him, the police turned over 17 of the demonstrators to him before they could be charged with anything.
That's more than a little amazing. Also, he went to UCLA with Carol Burnett!

Carol Lawrence was the original Maria in West Side Story.

The lady who played the daughter, Vanessa, was Eponine in an American touring cast of Les Miz.

And there was the guy who took a bullet in the eye in The Godfather.

And Robert Stack!

And then there's Grady. Oh, Grady.
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(And also, congrats flt!)
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