Murder, She Wrote: Menace, Anyone?   Rewatch 
January 10, 2015 10:28 AM - Season 2, Episode 20 - Subscribe

At a charity tennis tournament named in her honor, Jessica finds herself trying to solve a murder (or three). Tournament director Carol McDermott seems to face a never-ending string of problems, mostly caused by petulant tennis professionals who always seem to want more and more, culminating in an exploding car, a murder in her home, and the ghost (?!) of her sister.
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Well, before I talk about anything else in this episode, we need to take a moment with Bryan Cranston and Linda Hamilton.
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MC, I wish I could favorite that twice. That picture is awesome.

This episode made me so happy! Walter White! Sarah Connor! An exploding car! A knockoff John MacEnroe, shouting at the judges! Mental instability! Wigs! An actual stick of dynamite in someone's living room! Tennis sweaters as far as the eye can seeeeee!
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I have to say I loved that this episode played out the 'red herring' of Carol possibly going "full Norman Bates" with her not-dead sister for as long as it did, so long that a part of me thought they were just going to go with that as the solution. It was sort of "in genre" obvious but then that was the set-up. Add the father covering for the daughter and it felt jam packed but not too much.

And 80s tennis fashions and all the perms would have been enough for me honestly.
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