Scream (2022) (2022)
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Twenty-five years after the original series of murders in Woodsboro, a new killer emerges, and Sidney Prescott must return to uncover the truth.
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dang no discussion? this was pretty good!

I have no particular love or memory of the original(s), but I know them well enough for this movie's themes and vibes to still work perfectly. it's a clever and nasty little piece of work and generally balances its various tones well, which is a neat trick given how much of this franchise is about tiptoeing along that knife's edge (heh) of winking comedy and genuine horror.

I think the franchise's legacy also just gave it a much more straightforward angle at which to have a real raison d'etre, which so many of these "requels" (as a character in this film calls it) lack. as opposed to, say, matrix 4 -- which for all its merits reads to me more as a movie made by its creator less from necessity and more as an angry response to having been forced into a non-choice of either making it or having someone who didn't give an actual shit redigest it into the IP-cannibalism grind -- this feels like something the creators were jazzed up to get out there from the get-go

the legacy characters all put in great performances but are smartly utilized more as peripheral characters than the leads. I thought almost all the new faces did a great job, variously likable and obnoxious in the ways you'd want for a good blend of potential-grist-for-the-mill teenagers. Jasmin Savoy Brown as nu-Randy is a particular highlight.

also it's streaming now (a few bucks to rent on Amazon Prime) so no need to mask up and wander into a theater! go watch it!
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I just watched this and I really enjoyed it. I am from the original age of Scream (saw the first two in the theater!), and honestly this was more rewarding than the last two sequels in the franchise. Like, I can remember the plot in the first two films, vaguely the third, and the fourth I never bothered with.

Again: Dewey told Sam right there, about the love interest. HE TOLD YOU. (Also, I literally screamed "NOOOOOOO" when Ghostface sent Dewey off to his fate. I am gonna be mad about that for a while.) I even told Shepherd that Cutie Pie Baby Quaid was one of the two killers because it's obvious.

Bless, I barely recognized Courtney Cox.

I am definitely at the age where aside from Baby Quaid, I didn't recognize any of the core cast. Even after I looked them up on Wikipedia, it was all stuff that isn't in my wheelhouse but is definitely popular. But hey, that's why we pass the torch on...
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I watched this back-to-back with the original, with a friend who had never seen either, and it's bad but reasonably fun. (The original is just straight-up pretty damn good.) Even a marginally smarter handling of the killers' motivations would have made this land much better for me - the setup was clever, all the kill scenes were reasonably well-done (although man, has the level of gore increased exponentially since the 90s) and I was on board with most of it, and then we get the reveal and it just... doesn't work for me. We did have a good time armchair-screenwriting ways to make it actually work, though, and I don't regret seeing it at all.
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I kept waiting for this to bring something to the table that Scre4m hadn't already done, and all the stuff about how the last movie was a betrayal of the series certainly seemed to apply more to the third one than the fourth. All in all, though, it was a satisfactory addition to the franchise, which has always been more about the unfair-whodunit aspect and the metacommentary.
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Scream 6 trailer.

Looks like it could be fun. Got some Final Girl Support Group stuff going on in there maybe.
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