Peacemaker: A Whole New Whirled
January 13, 2022 9:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After being discharged from the hospital following the events of the movie The Suicide Squad, Christopher Smith, aka the Peacemaker, is re-recruited by A.R.G.U.S. for a new mission, Project Butterfly. [CW: gore, explicit sex, racist/antisemitic language]

[CW: gore, explicit sex, racist/antisemitic language]

The show is a sequel to The Suicide Squad, and is likewise written and (for five of the eight episodes, including the first three) directed by James Gunn. Peacemaker is based on a comic book character originally published by the long-defunct Charlton Comics and later acquired by DC Comics; the character was also the inspiration for The Comedian in Watchmen. In addition to John Cena returning as Smith/Peacemaker, some of the Task Force X/Suicide Squad "mike people" return as Peacemaker's support team, along with some new characters; also new is Robert Patrick (aka the T-1000 from Terminator 2) as Smith's father.

The first three episodes dropped all at once, but I'll post separate posts for the other two, unless someone beats me to it. Between the gore, the language, and the pretty explicit sex scene, this may be the closest that DC/Warner Bros. has come to something like The Boys. It's also as funny as you'd expect a James Gunn joint to be. I'm pretty sure that Eagly is CGI; the only time I've been up close to a real live bald eagle, I was warned to keep my distance if I wanted to keep my fingers.
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I loved it. It's basically the MCU's US Agent shot through a Deadpool filter. It feels more than a little like a superhero version of Ash vs. Evil Dead.
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Ten times better than I was expecting and legitimately funny.
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That was very silly
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racist/antisemitic language

By the bad guys or our heroes?
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I'm very pessimistic about the current glut of superhero multiverse spin-off series, so I almost didn't watch this, but decided to give it a chance after seeing the reviews in this thread -- and wow, it really is a lot better than I was expecting! I guess that The Suicide Squad was a good predictor. I like the dark humour, I like John Cena as a comedic actor, and it's great to see Danielle Brooks again.
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By the bad guys or our heroes?

Smith's father, about whom we find out more in the next ep.
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Sort of Doom Patrol meets The Boys, funnier than expected for sure. Will keep watching!
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Thanks, HJ.
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The opening title sequence is glorious!

Note, all three episodes I've seen so far include extras after the credits.
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By the bad guys or our heroes?
Is there a difference?

Eagly is pretty cool.
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