Criminal Minds: Nelson's Sparrow
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In "Nelson's Sparrow," in a flashback to the early days of the BAU, the young Gideon exclaims to the young Rossi, "There are only three of us!" He was referring to their inadequate manpower. Who was the third? Nothing I have seen identifies a third founding member of the BAU. Thanks.
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It's at about 0:52 in the episode.
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"Near the end of the flashback story, Rossi notes to Gideon that they're limited with how much they can do right now because "there's only three of us". He doesn't name the third person, but it's presumably Max Ryan, who was introduced in the Season 1 episode "Unfinished Business" as another founder of the BAU and Gideon's mentor."

(From TV Tropes)
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Thanks, I didn't know that TV Tropes had annotated recaps. Now reading it with interest.
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