I've got a theory, it's time for Buffy?
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I had a lot of fun in the Once More With Feeling thread! Is there interest in a rewatch thread series? I could get into that. Maybe weekly on Tuesdays to relive the airdate? Let me know if you're up for it!
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It's currently on Amazon Prime Instant Video, so I'm up for it.
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I'm just doing a first watch now (am on S6:E17), but would be into rewatching some episodes when I can! And certainly participating in the threads as the episodes unfold.
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Good point Etrigan, it's also streaming on Netflix!
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And on Hulu Plus!

And also my DVD collection, which is great for people who live in my apartment. (raises own hand)

But yeah, awesome suggestion, yellowbinder! I've been planning a rewatch for a few years now, but haven't gotten around to it -- I think having a regular rewatch thread here would definitely be a great motivator for me to keep to a weekly schedule and not binge.

I'm kind of shaky on Tuesdays, since we've got Agent Carter (for the next two months), another Mutant Enemy joint (Agents of SHIELD, coming back in March), and the distinctly Whedon-esque The Flash all airing on the same night, each with their own high-participation FanFare threads.

Maybe Thursdays? Now that one of the best TV nights has become a total wasteland of reality television and laugh-track sitcoms (Thanks NBC!), it seems like a particularly good time to watch something good on streaming.
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How about picking/refining a bestof list and working down that until interest wains?
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I'm ok with Thursdays! I think I'll get started with the first one this week, we can do the shorter first season as a test run for a few months and see how it goes.
posted by yellowbinder at 10:26 AM on January 11, 2015

I'd be inclined towards a "best of" approach to the first season at least, but I guess there's some value in mocking I Robot, You Jane at least!
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As has been noted in other contexts, the worst may be the best.
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I would be into this. It would be an interesting test of "can I watch only one episode of Buffy at a time" (probably not). As it would take us almost three years to get through at the rate of one a week, I wonder if two would make more sense, but I would happily do either.
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I've been wanting to do a re-watch for a couple of years now, so I would definitely be up for this!
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Now that I think about it, getting through 144 episodes (not counting Angel crossovers) is pretty ambitious. Maybe two episodes at a time, posted once a week in separate threads would be a good structure; The first season would be done in six weeks, and all subsequent seasons would take 11 weeks each. Maybe put a couple of weeks between seasons to make it less of a flat-out marathon, with a different poster/posters responsible for putting up each season.
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I would be really interested, but I know from experience that I binge-watch TV shows. I'd be very frustrated with a one-a-week schedule. I might be able to keep myself to two.

I am a purist so don't think we should skip episodes, even if they are pretty bad. They're often funny-bad. And even the ones that are flat-out bad can lead to some good discussions, as we saw in the MeFi discussion on Buzzfeed's ranking of the entire series. Not only do people have differing opinions about which episodes are really awful (and odd soft spots), some of the awful ones actually illuminate the way different characters develop. I'm thinking mostly of Xander here for some reason.

Are we assuming this is a rewatch and participants should be okay with spoilers? Still leave spoilers out of before-the-more?

I'm happy to help out with posting episodes, but if we are going to be fussy about days of posting I'll be fussy and ask for time ranges since I live in the future and Thursday night in the US (for example) is not Thursday night here.
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I'm also available to post episodes. I was actually just going to launch into a Buffy rewatch as I do that every couple of years, but I'll hold off if I can do this with my fellow mefites.
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Ok I'll post 2 part premiere tomorrow. I like two threads a week at the same time. We'll evaluate after Season 1! Yay Buffy!
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