The Righteous Gemstones: As To How They Might Destroy Him
January 23, 2022 8:47 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Father-son tensions reach an all-time high as the entire Gemstone family gathers for BJ’s baptism.

Brap-brap. Wassup?

The return of Uncle Baby Billy and Aunt Tiffany (Valyn Hall).
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Really gonna need the playlist from the baptism party. Thanks.
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No matter how low the children go (and there was plenty of idiocy to go around this time), Baby Billy will always say: hold my beer. I know some think he was going to make things right with Harmon...I have my doubts. Goodman, as always, was goddamn magnificent.
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The fucking post-baptism romper was, I think, the most insane thing I've seen yet in this show. Everything else so far has been relatable to something in real life, however heightened or parodied. But that romper, man, what the hell was that?

And yeah, Goodman is amazing.
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The tiny cold packs on the thumbs when they are wheeling him away!
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But that romper, man, what the hell was that?

That attitude is part of what's held men back fashion-wise, okay? There's a whole world out there to explore. It isn't just about separates!
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“They’re from Asheville, Daddy”
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The Righteous Gemstones has been Renewed for Season 3
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One of my favorite things about this show is that as awful as the children are, Jesse and Amber have a supportive marriage. They're terrible people, but they are good partners to each other. Their dynamic makes me like both of them more.

Really gonna need the playlist from the baptism party. Thanks.

Seconding this. I haven't heard "Send me an Angel" in forever, and this playlist brought it all back.
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I say this with some degree of admiration: Judy is reliably the most disturbing character on TV. And I've just come from watching Yellowjackets, so.

So, uh, BJ is Baby Billy's son, right? He and Judy are cousins? Whew.
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Seconded, Edi Patterson is a force of nature.
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BJ is Baby Billy's son

Wait, what? We met BJ’s family. Is he adopted? Are you saying he’s actually Harmon? And was adopted as an elementary school-aged kid and had his name changed? Or what?
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I thought the flashback between Baby Billy and his son at the beginning, and the reference BJ made about his birth father being a bad guy, was leading to something. It could have just been leading to Baby Billy abandoning his family at the end of the episode -- but, uh, I dunno, this just seems like the kind of situation Judy would end up in.
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Finally took a close look at the de-aging CG - Baby Billy's de-aged hair in some shots appears static.
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