Vincenzo: Vincenzo
February 2, 2022 8:03 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A mafia consigliere heads to South Korea to claim a gold stash that's hidden in the basement of a commercial building. However, he soons finds himself drawn into a legal battle against a corrupt pharmaceutical company.

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Cinema Escapist Review: Netflix K-Drama “Vincenzo,” From an Italian Perspective

The Review Geek - Full Season Review: "Vincenzo is an interesting Korean drama, one that’s essentially the sum of two parts. The first presents a gritty, gangster-esque thriller, complete with hand to hand combat, shootouts and tense stand-offs between characters. The other is a more straight forward law drama, sprinkling in bites of slapstick humour and a colourful ensemble of supporting characters. The result is Vincenzo which feels like the Korean equivalent of marmite – you’ll either love it or hate it."

The Fangirl Verdict review: "Show is a lot of things, and attempts a lot of things (some with more success than others), but one thing I can say for certain, is that Show is bold, and dares to try new things. When the things that Show try don’t go so well, Show can come across as rather uneven, but when Show is at its best, it is a wild, absurd and completely absorbing ride of the best kind. Our story world and our characters lean dark, yet this is all served up with strong lashings of screwball comedy. It sounds weird, but when Show makes it work, it’s glorious. Our cast is very solid, but hands down, the one who shines the brightest, is Song Joong Ki, as our titular antihero. So much matter-of-fact, cool badassery, served up with a side of comedy; I just couldn’t look away. Sometimes Show got uncomfortably dark for my taste, but Show gets brownie points, for unabashedly daring to be its own thing, for better or for worse."
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I missed watching this show when it was first released weekly, but noticed it turning up on various 'Best Kdramas of 2021' articles so decided to make it my next pick.

Loved it! So much! Except for episode 8, in which Vincenzo gay-baits a banking chaebol into acting against the evil Babel Corporation. The show goes to great lengths to establish that the chaebol is a horrible person who deserves a comeuppance, but, it still comes off as super-homophobic, and I wish that whole subplot had been left out entirely. And I don't know if the finale entirely worked for me, but then, I'm not sure that there was any other way for the show to go.

But, I agree with the Fangirl Verdict -- when the show works, it WORKS. Absolutely hilarious comedic moments throughout, everyone just commits to the bits and throws their whole body into it (special mention of Im Chul Soo's Agent Ahn's ludicrous methods of exiting the frame).
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I started watching this at a friend's recommendation and loved it. It's a weird-to-me mix of serious crime drama and wacky light comedy that I gather is more common in k-shows. The only reason I haven't binged all of it is that I watch it with subtitles to get the real vocal performances and so I can't watch it while I'm doing other things like puttering around a room.
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I love our Corn Salad!
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