Star Trek: Prodigy: A Moral Star, Part II
February 3, 2022 4:24 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Gwyn gets a glimpse of the Diviner's plan to destroy Starfleet…but the Diviner gets an eyeful of something every bit as mind-boggling.

There is no Trek minutiae Memory Alpha cannot overcome:

Debra Wilson, who previously appeared in voice only in DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice" [FF previously —ed.], voiced some of the Tars Lamora miners. Dee Bradley Baker, who voices Murf, provided the voices of some of the other miners.

"What's your plan?"
"I'll tell you when I got one."
- Rok and Dal

Poster's Log:
First contact? More like WORST contact amirite. Wouldn't it be something if the ship responsible for Solum's descent into anarchy turned out to be called the U.S.S. Cerritos

Interesting that Admiral Janeway's ship, the USS Dauntless, has a similar design to the fake Starfleet ship "U.S.S. Dauntless" from VOY: "Hope and Fear." Maybe the admiral had a hand in her design and took inspiration from Ray Wise.

PROD is now going on another hiatus while DISCO season 4 continues and PIC season 2 begins. MA does not seem to have accurate info on how long this hiatus will be. This episode feels so much like a season ender that it's going to seem strange to anyone not watching them as they  air  are released.

"Rev-12" sounds like the title of a filler track on a prog rock album, although "Rev. 12" would be the more apt punctuation.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
To whet your appetites about the rest of season 1, MA indicates that its guest stars include Jason Alexander (not reprising his role from VOY: "Think Tank"), Jameela Jamil of "The Good Place," and William O. Campbell reprising his role as Okona from TNG: "The Outrageous Okona"! Here's a great interview where Campbell speaks quite frankly about his TNG experiences, including the story of how he bombed his audition for the role of Riker.
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Did Drednok call his boss "our Divider" just before the Caitian ripped his head off?

The timeline here is even more confusing now - the Diviner traveled back in time 50 years to stop the destruction of his race, but now-Janeway is aware of the Protostar and Chakotay's captaincy?
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Wow, yeah. Good episode, good cliffhanger, good question about the Prime Directive. I'm assuming that the Diviner was on the pro-dictatorship side; in Terminator terms, he'd be Kyle Reese, which would make Gwyn John Connor (or so he hopes), I guess? And Divvy must hate just the whole idea of the Federation, because logically he'd have to know that he could just go to the Federation and explain the whole deal and they'd go "yup, we'll tell our people to steer clear of your planet, no prob" and Bob's your uncle. I'm thinking that leaving him alone unsupervised may not be the best idea; our only previous example of Medusan-caused "madness" was TOS' "Is There In Truth No Beauty?", and Marvick caused a lot of havoc by himself after being exposed.

And Real-Janeway's all excited about catching up to the Protostar. I'm still a bit unclear about Divvy's weapon--is it some Drednok-derived AI that uploads itself to Starfleet computers and singlehandedly makes the ships go all M-5?--but my guess is that it'll be the thing that keeps the Pro Kidz from just becoming clean-cut real cadets. Looking forward to seeing what they make of that in the second seasonhalf of the first season.

Oh, and we did see Okona in LD's "An Embarrassment of Dooplers", but he wasn't VAed (by Campbell or anyone else), ditto for Shelby.
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Also, too:

- interesting to compare/contrast the uniforms and combadges worn by Real-Janeway and her crew with both the Lower Decks version and the version worn in the flashback scenes on PIC.

- Looks like Rok is the Scotty/La Forge and Jankom is the O'Brien.
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This was a heck of a place to leave as a half-season finale. I'm really excited to see where things go from here.

I'm hoping we're largely done with the Diviner. We'll probably wind up coming back to him at some point, though. He's the only person likely to know what happened to Chakotay.

Also, there's gonna be a lot of fun when Janeway and Holo-Janeway meet.
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Because of all the emphasis on the Caitian, I wonder if, going forward, the Protostar and the Rev-12 will travel together awhile in a little micro-fleet. That's something Trek hasn't done much at all; Voyager and the Equinox (Other Ransom's ship) are all I can think of.

Did Drednok call his boss "our Divider" just before the Caitian ripped his head off?

I doubt it. The closed captioning seemed to think so, but closed captioning is held to basically zero editorial standards.

Looks like Rok is the Scotty/La Forge and Jankom is the O'Brien.

Jankom could also become the Barclay/Rom. (Or the broccoli raab!)
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Equinox (Other Ransom's ship)

Whoa. Are Jack and, uh, Rudolph related, do you think?
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That's a pretty powerful transporter to be able to shift an entire star.
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I love that we finally have two good treks going at once again! Makes me want to check out TAS because between Prodigy and Lower Decks I think "animation" might be a secret ingredient to Good Trek.
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I haven't watched a lot of TAS but I can say "animation" is not one of its strong points, however the writing and worldbuilding is often as good if not better than TOS.
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I love that we finally have two good treks going at once again! Makes me want to check out TAS

Yay! I love TAS, so much that I ran a rewatch here a couple of years ago.

because between Prodigy and Lower Decks I think "animation" might be a secret ingredient to Good Trek.

Uhhhh.... so, about that...

TAS is a mixed bag, like any Trek. It has its very very good, it has some groundbreaking moments, it has its fanwanky callbacks, and it has its absolute dreck... and very little of the quality of the episodes is related to it being animated. In fact, the animation is the worst of the early 70s American "barely anything moves" form of the art. But, the stories try to be classic TOS Trek, albeit squeezed into 22 minutes, and there are more hits than misses in that field.
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Timeline details relevant to this episode from showrunners Dan and Kevin Hageman
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Some arguably-significant plot spoilers apparently shared by Prodigy's co-creator, but I will save you a click if you're wondering about when the show comes back: no such details herein.
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Memory Alpha says PROD returns October 27th, and another TNG guest cast member is returning to voice their same character from TNG. I won't name names in case anybody doesn't want to be spoiled, but I will say that I'd be pretty surprised if they were a major/recurring role in PROD, given who it is.
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