Pam & Tommy: Jane Fonda
February 3, 2022 12:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Rand teams up with an old porn-world associate to shop the tape around town.
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There weren't a lot of positive reviews of Barb Wire at the time, but here's one from the Washington Post that literally compares her to Jane Fonda. I want to believe Pam had it framed.
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It was nice to see them getting a little more into Pam's life here, especially the way she was treated by the leering, misogynistic, creeper assholes in charge of Baywatch. I never really saw the show but the whole schtick was unavoidable at the time, and who could blame Pam for wanting the fuck out of that. It's really a shame that Barb Wire bombed--I'm not sure how it could have been anything but, yet at the same time, you really are rooting for her here, hoping for some success to get her to...well, Jane Fonda's life. Thanks for finding that review.

I'm way less enthused about anything having to do with Rogen's character--it doesn't help that I dislike Rogen intensely, but I really don't want or need to see this fuckwad redeemed. Gillespie seems to like showing the person behind the monsters, but I'm just not especially interested in it.

It was kind of hilarious to see all the Internet ignorance, because OMG it reminded me of working for a small retail chain and desperately trying to make them see the light about "e-business" at the time, and just constantly banging my head against a wall until they gave me a little budget to hire a website-building company, hoping I would go away. Dark days, man.
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I’ve been really enjoying this series so far!

How Hair, Makeup, and Costume Helped Transform Lily James and Sebastian Stan into ‘Pam & Tommy’
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I started my web design career in March 96, so the whole WWW thread in this episode really brought me back to those early days trying to talk to people about the commercial potential of the web.

In looking at what we wrought with the Internet, maybe I should be apologizing for my efforts back then.

We all know Tommy is a self-absorbed asshole, but I'm really enjoying the scenes when he and Pam are just two people early in a relationship, trying to get to know each other.
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I'm a little embarrassed to know this, but Erica the pornstar portrayed by Taylor Schilling is Erica Boyer. She was relatively well known in the adult entertainment industry in the 80s, perhaps not a superstar but a bit more famous than the show least to Gen-X creeps.
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