Pam & Tommy: The Master Beta
February 9, 2022 12:52 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Pam and Tommy resort to increasingly desperate measures to get their property back.
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Poor Pamela. I hope it was as cathartic for her to go after the paparazzo as it was for the viewer.

I loved her Juicy Couture blue tracksuit, especially tucked into the boots. Ah, the '90s. LOL forever at "how do we get the web?" and "how do I find him?" "In the phone book." in about ten years, they'll have the web in their back pockets.

Tommy's biker pals are on the same intellectual level he is. Every time they go after Rand, he runs out the back, and they keep not figuring it out. I confess I wished Pellicano had had more time to beat the shit out of him--it doesn't help Pamela, but I confess I won't mind seeing it.
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This show is turning me into a Pamela Anderson fan. I would not have predicted that.
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Rand and Erica’s mutual fondness for the novels of Anne Rice is a lot of my then-pals’ ‘90s relationships. And then Rand’s like ‘it’s going very well. I have $400.’

Tommy Lee, a multimillionaire, is like ‘only the best, Tropicana Pure Premium.’

Tommy’s list of people who have beef with him, and Pam’s ‘beef?’ Was she already a vegetarian? TFW Anthony Pellicano skips like nine steps on the who’s-the-scummiest-scumbag charts.

And then the absolutely awful feeling when Pam catches a bunch of Baywatch crew members watching the tape.

Tommy’s t-shirt game is strong in this episode, but Pam’s reaction to the paparazzo is just cathartic. Reminds me of a scene I don’t quite remember from Goodfellas.
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Did they really go to Malibu Public Library to "get the web"? Is that historically accurate? I sure hope so.
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(One might expect a public library would have some kind of filtering software on their shared computers, but E-Rate wasn't implemented until 1997, and CIPA wasn't linked to E-Rate funding until 2001.)
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Did they really go to Malibu Public Library to "get the web"? Is that historically accurate? I sure hope so.

I haven’t seen the show yet but, yes, in 1995 I was using the public library terminals for online stuff; mostly e-mail. I was underemployed and didn’t have a computer at home for another year or two.
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For anyone finding themselves newly fond of Pam Anderson, I can recommend her novel Star, which I owned (in hardcover!) and enjoyed as a piece of fluff. It's a very thinly veiled retelling of her early years, recounting her "discovery" at a BC Lions game and ending right around the time she & Tommy Lee got together.
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Yes but did Pam and Tommy themselves acutally go to the library, is what I'm wondering about. Is that documented somewhere?
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I started reading Tommyland this week (Tommy Lee's autobiography). Unfortunately I now also know where the talking penis bit came from in episode 1. Chapter 1 of the book is a dialog between Tommy and his member. Chapter 2 is Tommy's sex tips. It gets better after that as it settles into more of an autobiography. I think I'll hit the Pamela chapters this weekend. I'm curious how they will compare to this show. I have found some glaring differences between The Dirt and Tommy's version from his book.
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(Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil have both written autobiographies as well.

For that matter, so has John Corabi, kind of.

The only one I've read is The Dirt. What can I say, I like oral history.)
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