The Afterparty: Episode 4: Chelsea
February 4, 2022 4:35 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Chelsea's life isn't going well.

Recaps here and here.
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This episode really made me want to go and re-watch the previous episodes. I'm super-invested in the whodunnit mystery now!
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I'm given to wonder whether Apple has temporarily rescinded its 'no iPhones for villains' policy for this show, mainly because every 'narrator' has been vindicated, thus far.

regardless, I love it, and simonw, i rewatched the musical numbers today from "Yasper" because i felt I was missing out on all the background choreography, on first pass, as well as potential capital C clues. Didn't discover anything, aside from Ben Schwartz as a shoo-in to play the title role in Weird Al's eventual biopic.
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About that
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Okay so now we have an explanation for the “peeing off the balcony” earlier

This show is very very good I think
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I forgot. Who got peed on?
And was it someone who could handle their animal tranquilizers?
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Okay so now we have an explanation for the “peeing off the balcony” earlier

Good catch! I was starting to put together a scenario where Xavier actually did drink the tranquilizer cocktail and just fell off, but I guess this scuttles that theory.
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Acari, I had completely forgotten about that Radcliffe casting. I was neutral/cautiously positive about it before, but now having seen the capacities of Ben Schwartz in the singing and dancing department, I'm anti.
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Christopher Miller:
This thriller ep we tried to get our Fincher on w/ moody lighting, precise camera moves, and increasingly distorted lenses as her world cracks

We had to shoot Chelsea’s run outside from her pursuer - with fog & rain machines - ON ELECTION NIGHT Nov 3, 2020! It was an emotional time for everyone so shooting a wet scene escaping a “stalker” in the fog seemed fitting.
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I'm loving this show but I wish just one of these kids would ask for a lawyer.
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I'm pretty sure that Mr. Shapiro and Quiet Heather did it.
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I never would have considered Jean-Ralphio for Weird Al, but you're right. He could be great.

we're obviously supposed to suspect 'the valet'. I suspect his episode will be fun. And the pregnant Australian demon from the good place. Jen 1?

I feel like there are a bunch of people we're maybe supposed to forget about, like quiet Heather or the caterers.
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My husband said “it’s that guy in the tan jacket chasing her. I personally don’t think he even went to that school.” He was immediately proven 50% right - and I think he might be right about the second part too. Pretends to be a nerd nobody remembers, is actually… what? SOMETHING BAD.
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Pretends to be a nerd nobody remembers, is actually… what? SOMETHING BAD.

You mean Walt? I really feel for that character because I AM HIM. I went to my 25-year reunion and half of the people thought my wife (who also went to school there) brought a date, and the other half thought I worked there.
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Walt is too conspicuous to be the killer. Though it would be funny if they lampshaded the murderer that hard.

My I-have-no-evidence-but-it-would-be-fun theory is that the killer is Jennifer #2, whose baby's father isn't a conspicuous presence on the show. It might not work out with Xavier's self-declared plans to sleep with both Jennifers at once, but I could see Xavier being the father and Jennifer confronting him, killing him by accident/on purpose, and bolting.

Also, was this the first episode where we didn't see Shapiro having sex? Or have I already forgotten the scene where we saw them yet again?
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Shapiro and Quiet Heather are on the couch going at it like crazy when Xavier gives his "X marks the spot" speech welcoming everyone to the afterparty. They hid them in plain sight so they're easy to miss.
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Didn't multiple people report seeing Chelsea and Xavier on the balcony? And yet in her version they seemed to be interacting entirely inside the room. Maybe I'm wrong and I can't imagine how it matters, but it bothered me.

And yeah, I was suspicious of Shapiro too, both because from that couch he was in the right place to be photographing Chelsea, and he disappeared only a few minutes before Xavier's death and right around when Chelsea stopped getting texts. But I guess the same can be said for Quiet Heather and Jennifer 2.
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(...Or maybe that was Zoe and Xavier I was thinking of...)
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I'm pretty sure that Mr. Shapiro and Quiet Heather did it.

It's always the quiet ones.
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