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When a high school reunion's afterparty ends in a death, everyone is a suspect. A detective grills the former classmates one by one, uncovering potential motives as each tells their version of the story - culminating in the shocking


The Afterparty: Vivian and Zoe  Season 2, Episode 10

The denouement, in which Zoe gets a little weird and a dog refuses to die. Reviews of the finale here, here, and here. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Isabel  Season 2, Episode 9

What is Isabel at the core, but the protagonist of a melodramatic psychological thriller from the mid-20th century? Cue the spooky soundtrack...
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The Afterparty: Feng  Season 2, Episode 8

Zoe's father reluctantly agrees to sit with her, Aniq, and Danner as they review found-footage-style videos from the weekend. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Ulysses  Season 2, Episode 7

Aniq and Danner move the investigation to Zoe's family, starting with her free-spirited uncle. His tale is an epic, global romance. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Danner's Fire  Season 2, Episode 6

Why did Danner really leave the police force? She presents the scintillating story to Aniq in a sultry TMI episode evocative of creepy 90s thrillers. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Sebastian  Season 2, Episode 5

Sebastian, like everyone else in this season, has a backstory that is more complicated than it appears. Theme for this episode is HEIST.
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The Afterparty: Hannah  Season 2, Episode 4

Edgar's adopted sister, Hannah, wants to stop the wedding because of her own broken heart. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Travis  Season 2, Episode 3

Grace's former boyfriend (?) tells his story in film noir style. He suspected that Edgar was up to no good and was determined to protect his ex. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Aniq 2: The Sequel  Season 2, Episode 1

When Zoƫ's sister's wedding weekend is destroyed by a murder, Aniq calls his old friend Danner to investigate the crime. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Maggie: Season Finale  Season 1, Episode 8

An unexpected eyewitness emerges to help Detective Danner piece together the true story behind Xavier's demise. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Episode 7: Danner  Season 1, Episode 7

In a departure from the rest of the show so far, we spend most of the episode flashing back to Danner's earlier career on the force and another murder case that somehow gives her insight into solving this crime.... [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Zoe  Season 1, Episode 6

In a mostly animated episode, the two sides of Zoe speak out.
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The Afterparty: High School  Season 1, Episode 5

Everyone's stories trace back to a high school party 15 years ago, which Walt recounts to Detective Danner--revealing huge secrets. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Episode 4: Chelsea  Season 1, Episode 4

Chelsea's life isn't going well. [more inside]
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The Afterparty: Yasper  Season 1, Episode 3

Yasper explains how he tried to get Xavier to help him get his music career off the ground.
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The Afterparty: Brett  Season 1, Episode 2

In Brett's action-packed retelling of the night, he had one goal in attending the reunion: reconcile with his ex-wife to get their family back together.
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The Afterparty: Aniq  Season 1, Episode 1

After a murder is discovered at a high school reunion, the attendees try to remember what happened, despite all of them remembering the fateful night differently and the murderer remaining at large. [more inside]
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