Curfew (1989)
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A teenage girl rushes to get home before curfew only to find 2 death row inmates are holding her parents hostage.

When Judge Davenport sentenced the Perkins brothers to death row, he has no idea that 7 years later they will escape. Fueled by desire to get revenge on those who put them away, murder and torture their way to the judge. Meanwhile, his daughter is returning home from a date with a football player who unsuccessfully attempted to pressure her into sex. the football player and his friends decide to get some revenge of their own on the young Stephanie Davenport.

Faced with not just one group of aggressors but two, will the Davenport family survive?
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There's a lot going on in this movie as the A plot and the B plot collide near the end. It reminds me a little of Hell High in that the characters are either not sympathetic or so barely fleshed out it's difficult to have any feelings for them at all.

The curfew part of the plot is fairly gimmicky and quite unnecessary. The thing that probably entertained me the most was the bottle of Jean Nate on Stephanie's bureau.

While not currently available to stream, the blu ray is available for purchase at Vinegar Syndrome.
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