Legends of Tomorrow: Rage Against The Machines
February 6, 2022 9:07 PM - Season 7, Episode 11 - Subscribe

"These Legends are like cock-a-roaches."

(Note: the odds of me watching this the day it is aired are between slim and none, so if anybody wants to go ahead and post the episodes in a more timely manner, feel free.)
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The strong work from the hairstyling team carries over into this episode, especially the braids! I'm dying to try that complicated pattern Sara has going on in the back (and Gideon's is nice, too).

Speaking of hair, OMG, the hair on RoboNate's arms! I don't think it was that evident before. Overcompensating or what? (The was a brilliant shot by director Jes Macallan.)

Gwyn is finally coming out of his self-imposed shell and getting a grip on his guilt. That's great to see. Although why his plan included handing out electronic devices, I can't fathom. There surely must be better and easier ways to cause a ruckus. Although, the singing Billy Bass deployment was brilliant.

Astra acknowledges that she's Gideon's mom, as does Gideon. I guess that had kind of slipped my mind, because I thought the reason she wanted to keep Gideon out of the mission was so that they'd be guaranteed to have a Gideon who could take over the Waverider once they recaptured it.

Poor Thawne is dead again. Sorry to see him go. At this point, I think I enjoy Letscher's version of the character more than Cavanagh's (although that might be a case of the latter being way too overexposed). At one point, I thought Nate was going to volunteer to keep the time bracelet, because he's the historian of the group, he'd have the best understanding of what was going to happen and what had to happen, plus it would have flipped the script on women leaving Nate if he had to leave to protect the past.

Before being killed, Thawne made note of the White Canary uniform. Robot Sara must have got a similar upgrade to RoboNate, as she seemed to be filling it out a bit more than normal.

Behrad is surprisingly terrible at undercover work and staying in character. Somehow, I wasn't expecting that.

Gary had better watch himself. Zari is indignant about possibly being eaten, and I can see her plotting to get even with him somehow.

I'm sure I'll get my hand slapped by the mods if say too much about the latest casting news. For now, I'll just say I'm not feeling it. There's about a quarter-century age difference between the actor and the character (or at least the character as of his initial introduction, which is the version that I know best). I know with a time-travel show we can wave away a lot, but given how the collective average age of the Waverider crew is creeping up there, I think introducing a younger, rawer hero would make sense, but that's just my first reaction. I'll have to wait to see how the character actually is portrayed.
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They continue delivering solid episodes this season.

So they keep giving us versions of Zari and Astra that are hawt, but when are they going to let Gary be hawt? I mean do an image search for Adam Tsekhman, that dude can smolder.

That was an awful lot of death in the time traveler/robo-Legends battle. I'm not used to this show being quite so mass-killy. None of the legends seemed too put off by it. I don't think I like it.

Loved robo-Astra's makeup and prosthetics at the end, very creepy.
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Cosigned on the "wait, did you just slaughter all the folks we learned to like last episode?! NOT COOL, SHOW." I hope there's some kind of takesie-backsies for that. But mass death has kind of been a low-key theme all season, hasn't it? Even the airplane-hangar episode, we know what those planes were being built for.

If Legends is trying to rub our faces in "come on, pay attention," I guess I can't argue. It's a weirdly Legends sort of move.

Doesn't surprise me that Robo-Astra is a survivor. So is her progenitor.
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I have to admit, I wasn’t Gary’s biggest fan up until this season, but his line about ”Just play dumb. It took them years to figure out I’m an alien” won me over. Seriously, I think they’ve made some great choices with Gary.

And I totally agree with everyone who was disappointed the other time travelers were killed off. I hope they find a way to bring them back somehow.
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