Love Is Blind: Season 2
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Singles try to find a match and fall in love -- without ever seeing each other face-to-face, as emotional connection attempts to conquer physical attraction.
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Train-wreck TV of the highest standard - I love it. Shane reminds me of Jim Carrey, and has huge cheater vibes about him.

I was disappointed not to see more of the "I have hundreds of Instagram followers" woman from the first episode, and, as with the previous season, focus was shifted only two a few couples without us finding out much about the process that led to them being featured.
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"to a few couples", not "two". Sorry, missed the edit window.
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Oh man, I wish I didn't have to admit that we are watching this, but we are... The first season really helped get us through the worst of the early days of COVID!

Question #1: Who on earth would sign up for this after seeing what happened with the first season? (I know, I know...Attention-hungry exhibitionists with nothing to lose?)

Question #2: What is the point - again - of Vanessa and Nick (obviously) Lachey? (Not the only one to think this, apparently.)

Question #3: Can we expect to see a "Love is Blind" / "F-boy Island" crossover? I'd pay good money for that... ("Can these three women figure out who the f-boys are without seeing them?")

Agreed, essexjan, we were really hoping to see more of the other contestants, especially since the initial crowd seemed to be more diverse than last season's crop.
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Did you know the two couples from the first season are still married? I googled it, sorry to say. I think it’s especially nasty when they complain to other people about their partner’s looks. But I love this show.
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What is the point - again - of Vanessa and Nick (obviously) Lachey?

I hadn't encountered him before the first season. He's not even wallpaper. Possibly less interesting than wallpaper paste.
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I just some freakin normal-ass ugly people on this show. The whole premise is self-undercutting because they spend nearly the entire episode in anticipation of finding out what the other looks like, and then it's always conventionally attractive young people. If you're lucky you get an overconfident goober who looks a little funny, but they're never going to give us 1 or 2 ugly people who truly connect because they spoke and such before finding out what the other looks like.

Anyway, fun masks, thats the best part.
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The problem is that if people differ too much in attractiveness, it’s devastating to the less attractive partner whose proposal is accepted and then rejected when their fiancé isn’t physically attracted to them (Kyle, Deepti).
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So happy to have this show back. I love how personality driven it is - it's not like the Bachelor where they're constantly playing little games, we are just seeing these people talk amongst themselves and getting sucked into this weird cult where they're sure they're in love after 3 days of talking to a wall. I would love a behind-the-scenes on the production management. I am also liking the release schedule - 10 weekly drops would be too much, 3 drops is perfect.
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I'm 5 episodes into this train wreck, and I am in love with this season. I'm enjoying it more than the first season because I like everyone involved in this one.

I'm disappointed that Shake doesn't feel the same attraction that he felt for Deeps the minute he saw her, but I'm hopeful. If it doesn't work out, then I'll consider that Deeps dodged a bullet there.

Shayne and Natalie. I'm weirdly sympathetic to Shayne. He's asked for words of affirmation. He's fished for compliments. He's told her that he needs reassurance, and she doesn't seem capable of it yet. I would have loved to have seen what would have happened if Shayne had ended up meeting Shaina.

Iyanna/Jarrette/Mallory/Salvador. Interesting, and I hope these people are nice to one another. I like them all.

Danielle and Nick. Not terribly interesting yet.
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I started out hating Shayne, and then really rooting for him and Natalie, and then really being on his side. Hes trying very hard, is much more genuine than he seemed in the pod, and asking directly for what he wants (constant words of affirmation!), and she's not meeting him there.

I like Nick a lot. He's a little gossipy, and has opinions on everything. Out of everyone on the show, I'd want to hang out with him. Danielle seems to have some major anxiety issues. I hope they're able to make it work.

I always want to know more about the people they don't feature - there's so many men and women we see for about 20 seconds and that's it. Did they not couple? Were they just not interesting enough?
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Shameful binge watching for me, going back and watching the first season now.

S2: I feel deeply sorry for Kyle, he deserved better.
S1: Carlton was a huge drama llama.
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So, the second tranche of episodes in Season 2 has been released and I'm so glad Kyle is free of the dreadful Shayna. I was really surprised that Shayne gave her the bounce at the beach party too, and that he told Natalie what Shayna said. Surprisingly, I think they might make it.

I think Nick is having serious second thoughts about Danielle. Her neediness and mood swings are taking their toll on him, and she seems far more immature than him.

Sal needs to ditch the ukelele. The song with his friend was cute but, lord above, that interminable serenade was cringey and Mallory looked as if she was about to grab the uke and smash it to pieces. All she talks about is how he makes her feel, but there's nothing about what she's able to give to him. I think he needs to look at what he's getting from the relationship, rather than how much he's giving.

Jarrette and Iyanna are cute together, but I wonder if she'll be unable to get over being his second choice.

I think "Shake" might bottle out at the altar, and that will break Deepti's heart. She's lovely. The only thing that could possibly make him decide to go through with it is the history of arranged marriages in his family and culture that might play into his decision. But out of all the candidates, he was the most superficial in relation to the way he was trying to find out how much the women weighed, so ... I'm not sure.
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I feel like Jarette and Iyanna are at fundamentally different places in their lives. He's ready for a family, and she's just getting started on her graduate work. I'm also not sure he's ready to be a full-time partner to someone. I like them, but it might be better for them to move on.

The conclusion to the Natalie/Shayne/Shaina triangle was fantastic. Shaina attempting to goad Shayne into talking shit about Natalie and getting mad at her was so lazy. Then again, Shayne has this weird streak of emotional intelligence. When he was giving Shake totally reasonable relationship advice, I was floored. I'd really like these two to figure it out. I like them so much more than I expected.

Danielle and Nick are wearing on me with their constant bickering. I think they're not well suited to one another, and I hope Nick saves them both from themselves and says no. And that Danielle has some therapy so she can love herself.

Why not give these couples therapists as part of their growing relationship? It would help a ton.

Or, just let Shake's mother counsel them! Her response to Shake telling her that he wasn't physically attracted to Deepti was awesome. As much as I loathed Shake at the start, I kind of want he and Deepti to work out.
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Shayne giving Shake advice was pretty amazing. And especially after he had shut down Shaina. I initially just figured that Shayne was an enormous goofball and clueless, but it turns out that he might just be a wonderful goofball.

I happen to have been happily married for over a decade to a wonderful, kind goofball, so I'm likely biased.
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Then again, Shayne has this weird streak of emotional intelligence

I expected to hate Shayne but I actually like him a lot!
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Just finished the wedding episode.

Danielle and Nick
Lordy, he was sweating so hard. Made me remember how I still accidentally had gum in my mouth when I married my guy and had to choke it down during the ceremony. :-)

Good on Deepti!

Mal and Sal! Shayne and Natalie!
I really appreciate the saying No at the wedding and being like "let's go on a date" or "let's work on it some more."

Iyanna and Jarrette. Is that Jarrette's Dad officiating? So many people happy crying! "Ditto, Dude!" That looked to be such a happy wedding and reception! So EXTRA!

Incidentally, what is up with all the the gold cups and wine cups? They don't use them exclusively, but so much! I remember them from the first season, too.
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Wow, the finale took me on a ride!

The Shayne/Natalie breakup made me sad. Her sad face, her sad Mom and her sweet Dad. Editing seemed to hint strongly that he has some sort of addiction problem - he seemed very out of it at the wedding.
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Iyanna and Jarrette are adorable!

I think Natalie seemed sensible in the wedding ep - yeah, it seems good to take a relationship pause after someone says they hate you. Also, I have Questions about the Natalie edit. On the one hand, the narrative is clearly that she's not giving Shayne the support and affirmation that he needs. On the other hand, when she's being interviewed she is giddy about him - how handsome he is, how happy she is, how she can't wait for their future... So is it that she's not the kind of person who can say these things directly to him? (I would find this relatable) Or is it part of the drama edit to make Shaina seem more plausible and less horrifying? (Shaina's kinda racist, right?)
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- I don't think Nick should have said yes. And omg, I felt so, so bad for how sweaty he was! He was sweating through his coat!

- Sal is such a good guy. I liked that he wanted to talk to her family immediately afterwards. I also think it's sweet how the couple handled it afterward.

- Yay for Deepti! Shake tried way too hard to play it cool after she left him up there, and that was painful to watch. Hopefully they both learned some lessons, and can find what they need going forward.

- I was so sad with Shayne's apparent left turn. Was it not being able to hit a baseball that made him all fighty? Still - saying things like that right before your wedding is pretty awful.

- Iyanna and Jarrette are both weirdos, but in the best way. His dad made me tear up - he was so, so proud to be officiating his son's wedding. "Thugs don't cry" , lol

I think the reunion is going to be spicy.

I did love all of the brides' dresses. They were all amazing, and fit each woman perfectly. So gorgeous. I'm in the Chicago suburbs and am getting married next year, so I definitely looked up that bridal shop and have it bookmarked, hahaha.
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If you are not already following @naima on twitter, she has been doing THE MOST with followups from reddit, IG, etc. The after-the-show story is nearly juicier than the show! She just had a pretty wild thread on Sal/Mallory and Sal's stalker crazy ex.
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The reunion.. yikes!
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The reunion could have used some commercial breaks to chop up the tension. Woof. Fascinating as always.
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Wow, Shaik took douchebaggery to whole new levels on the reunion. I think he was genuinely taken aback that the guys didn't back him up. And what the hell was he thinking, making a pass at Jessica?! Just ... wow.
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Reunion - you know, Shayne could have easily ended up a villain. But his clear horror at being next to Shake (or hearing Shake) immediately bumped him into a different category. Shayne has his own issues, but he really seems to be trying and he and Natalie seemed genuinely broken-hearted, and given his revulsion at someone who was *actually* callous - it's just super sad.

Also, I used to cringe when the Lachey's came on the screen - I thought they were useless. Did not realize they had that kind of clapback in them. Impressed.
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I meant Vanessa, not Jessica. D'oh!
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