Special Event: Superbowl LVI
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It's The Large Game! Come discuss all these great owls, and a probably Socks Dot Com-magnitude overabundance of cryptocurrency-related advertisements.
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Stupid stat that still blows me away for stupid reasons: If the Bengals win, Joe Burrow will be only the third quarterback to win both an NCAA championship and a Super Bowl. And the other two guys were also named Joe--Namath and Montana!
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What's everyone eating today?
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CBS Sports has the essential 'Get to know Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and the rest of the performers' (which feels like a sneaky Kendrick/Mary dis from the headline writer, seeing as there are only two other performers). Here's a sentence that was probably researched and then fact-checked:
The Detroit native has long mentioned football in his songs, referencing Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, John Madden, LaDainian Tomlinson, field goals and more.
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I have to admit this is not specifically for the Super Bowl, but I made roasted garlic and mozzarella focaccia (and a plain one for the kids) based off of this recipe, smoking some jalapeño and cheddar sausages (very good but honestly not worth the effort to try again), and have some Blue Bell King Cake ice cream for dessert. Oh, and for the actual game, probably some potato chips and dip.
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Joe Burrow seems like a good dude. This article discusses a pivotal moment where he addressed racism to his teammates.

His Heismann acceptance speech touched on Appalachian poverty and is worth a watch, too.
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Expecting a lot of advertisements for internet sports betting, too.
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Blue Bell King Cake ice cream
Blue Bell is the best. This sounds great.
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Extremely excited for Mickey Guyton singing the national anthem!

Cheering for the Bengals in the intermission between Guyton's performance and the return to Winter Olympic coverage. (This is mostly a joke, I enjoy the game, but we already got some exciting playoff games so I won't be surprised if this one is anticlimactic. )
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Oh, I didn't know it was going to be Mickey Guyton! A lovely surprise. I'm biased, but I thought she did a great job. Not sure who I'm cheering for, perhaps the Bengals because the Rams owner is such a piece of shit, but I'm sure all of the owners are.
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Team Bengals tonight...
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I want a baby pegasus!!
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13 - 10!

*Now* it's a game
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Yeah, things are looking up from a competitive standpoint!

In addition, I liked the Disney+ goats.
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The Bengals are really fun to watch!
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I am calling it Mary J will come out for the half time show - in a corset
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The halftime show certainly displays extremely high production values. I hope that battalion of dancers are making buck.
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As an elder millennial I feel catered to re: this bangin halftime show.
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Okay no *visible* corset but that is some high tensile fabric, oversized knicker arrangent going on there.
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As a Gen Xer, I found every single commercial was targeting me hard. This is what it feels like, eh?
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Well, it wasn’t Prince, but that was the second-best Super Bowl halftime show of my middle-aged life.
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As in, it’s our turn to be manipulated by nostalgia in order to further the grasp capitalism has on the world?

Probably, but if it means they’ll stop arguing that I ruined my financial future because I ate avocado toast once I suppose I’ll put up with it.
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When I was young and found all this cringe, I didn't know what I know now: it's also cringe to the targeted demographic.
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Well that was the most exciting first 22 seconds in a second half in Superbowl History.
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Am I the only one who thought the sound mix let the music down during the halftime show?
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I thought the mix was off at first, but thought it was ok by the end.
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My family has food that represents the playing cities. I made Cincinnati 5-way chili and bought some black raspberry Graeter's Ice Cream. My son made fish tacos, hippo shaped sugar cookies (something from his girlfriend's childhood), and chocolate dipped bananas ala Arrested Development.
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Sad night for the Bengals. The Harambe timeline will continue…sigh.
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And the MAGA folk are predictably melting down over Eminem taking a knee at the end of the halftime show.
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The seeming change in officiating at the end was interesting, but I am happy for Aaron Donald and Eric Weddle. (Kupp is an impressive player, but I hate how the MVP is basically always offensive even in cases where the defense made the difference - which I would argue is the case here.)

I feel stupider for even acknowledging it, but some "old man yells at clouds" conservative thirtysomething made a comment on twitter about the NFL descending into sexual anarchy about the halftime show (which, lol, Mary J Blige is fine but c'mon none of the dancers were even that risque), if anyone is wondering why their social media is a sea of sexual anarchy jokes.
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Not thirtysomething! Charlie "Junior Anti-Sex League" Kirk is in his late 20s!
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What's everyone eating today?

This is a great time to share my family tradition: Cereal Bowl Sunday. Mrs. nushustu and I didn't generally let our kids have garbage cereal, but on Superbowl Sunday we let them get a box of ANYTHING THEY WANT: Cap'n Crunch, Cookie Crisp, shit with marshmallows in it. So it was kind of treat.

Every year since they were little we'd let them do that. After about 3 years they were like "this stuff is garbage" and now they don't even ask for it any more. It was a short-lived tradition, and it was fun while it lasted, but the fact that they don't want that crap any more was the big win.
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I hate how the MVP is basically always offensive even in cases where the defense made the difference - which I would argue is the case here

I agree in general, especially because it nearly always goes to the winning team's quarterback regardless of their performance. Aaron Donald was awesome at the end of the game, but I felt like the Bengals did a pretty good job of containing or playing around him the first 3/4 of the game.

The seeming change in officiating at the end was interesting.

The Bengals were called for four penalties in the entire game, two in the last two minutes of the game. The defensive holding call was terrible, not even borderline, and it gave the Rams a first down at the four yard line with a very high probability of scoring. The next play should've been 4rd & goal from the eight yard line.

Except it really should've been 3rd & goal from the 13. On the same play the refs missed false starts by four (!) Rams offensive linemen.
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The halftime dancers were really, really good, and I liked the map of LA that was rolled out.
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There aren’t words adequate enough to describe how bad the GM/Dr.Evil ad was.
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Oh, there are, but none that would go undeleted here. I must add that Mike Myers's agent must have clout equivalent to B.J. Liederman's lawyer.
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Verizon's "Cable Guy" ad has convinced me to never ever ever ever ever give money to Verizon ever. Same for the GM/Dr. Evil ad and whatever Zach Braff and Donald Faison were trying to sell.

That halftime show was a banger, though. Was (obviously) not expecting Fiddy, but the whole thing was amazing from start to finish.
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The refs handed that Superbowl title to the Rams.

I’ve never seen as obvious a false start as that was go uncalled.

It would have been a big loss for bookmakers if the Bengals had won because there was a fair amount of emotional big betting on the Bengals, and the odds against them were long, but I’m not sure that had anything to do with it. Something has gone really wrong with NFL refereeing, but what it might be remains a mystery to me.
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> The refs handed that Superbowl title to the Rams.

Well that one long-yard reception by the Bengals, the receiver running up the left side quickly fingered the face mask of the Rams defender and gave it juuuust a little tug so that the Rams defender would have his visual field jostled enough so that the guy on the Bengals could catch the ball... and then nobody calls a face mask penalty?

Yeah, I know betting is supposed run the game, but who's on whose payroll? This game had barely any penalties called until the end. Other close games of this set of playoffs seemed to have an offside or false start every goddamn play. I cannot tell who's throwing the game for whom, cause i'm not a betting guy, and humans are fallible in both visual acuity and recall so that I can believe nobody caught the face mask from the angle the players were at.

The refs are great professional refs. But they're not great professional ballplayers.
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The halftime show was fire, and the riff from Head Over Heels was a nice bonus.
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Dre at the keys playing the piano part from "I Ain't Mad At Cha" was great. Sequencing-wise, I thought the show was kind of a mess, but I'm not sure which order of performers would have fixed that. Save surprise guest 50 Cent for a little later in the set? Close with Kendrick as a representative of the Next Generation? Close with Eminem because "Lose Yourself" is an undeniable stadium anthem?
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When we first saw the halftime stage, I thought it was some kinda trailer park theme but my partner was like, "No! it's the British Antarctic Survey's Halley VI!!!

"Is that 50 Cent hanging upside down?"

"Nah, hon. Look at his necklace. That be Mr 02 Cent."

We enjoyed the show and the inclusion of diverse bodies and ages amongst the dancers.

After halftime, we switched over to watch a movie. Neither of us are big NFL fans.

We cooked up some sliced Andouille sausage in a stir fry with zucchini, red and yellow peppers, onion, garlic, shredded yellow carrot, spinach, parsley and a splash of red wine. Nothing to do with the Superb Owl, but delicious 😋
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