Pennyworth: Pennyworth, Season Two
February 22, 2022 3:42 PM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

The continuation of the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, a former special-forces soldier living in London and how he came to work for Bruce Wayne's father.

This show was originally on Epix, but recently expanded to HBOMax which is where I saw it. I personally preferred the second season over the first, which is why I am writing this post. If someone wants to write a first season post, please go ahead. A third season is in the works.
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I had the same trouble with Pennyworth season 1 as I have with a lot of action TV series; there was just too much trauma that a person could experience for me to digest. Heller's last series, Gotham, got around that by resetting things every four or five episodes or so. The good guys became bad guys, and vice versa. They introduced the second series with a similar kind of reset.

I was frustrated at first with the second season. They spent a lot of time working towards getting away when it was clear that there was no chance that they would ever leave the country. It wasn't until a later episode when they beat me over the head with a Casablanca (and strangely, a Dr. Strangelove) reference that I understood where they were coming from. I really enjoyed the rest of the season, and am looking forward to season 3.
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