Critical Role: In Too Deep
February 22, 2022 10:00 AM - Season 3, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The ball takes several unexpected twists and turns when dancing shifts to fighting and fighting shifts to fleeing...
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First combat this session: "she looks like a fun mime".

Also noticed that they have a new camera set up with a close up on the minis.
posted by fiercekitten at 10:16 AM on February 22, 2022

Yeah, I like the new setup!

Sad to see Dorian and Robbie leaving - it'll be interesting to see how that changes the dynamic.

And I love Fearne's everything: getting the ring, catching it and claiming that she was engaged, and forgetting why the ring switch was happening in the first place
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Well, shit. Robbie has been one of my favourite things about this season. He's brought such a great energy to the group and he's fit in so well.
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I listen to the podcast and for some reason popped in here and read about Robbie's departure, so I was dreading this episode. I am relieved Dorian's survived, but his presence will definitely be missed, easily one of my favourites.
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Yeah, I'm excited to see him back with the EXU crew at some point - but also trying to imagine what an Opal, Dariax, Cyrus, and Dorian teamup would get up to. There are somehow negative brain cells (and or the evil goddess has custody of the one brain cell)

Also, the 'well, so long as we're not going back to Emon. Oh wait, we're going to Emon?' was hilarious. I'm sure that's not going to cause any issues!
posted by dinty_moore at 1:48 PM on February 26, 2022

I'm relieved they've settled on a name 🙂
posted by Zumbador at 1:57 AM on March 13, 2022

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