Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Payback
January 11, 2015 6:08 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

After paying back an old debt, Peralta goes to extraordinary lengths to keep a secret for Jeffords -- and then to keep one from Jeffords. Meanwhile, Santiago and Capt. Holt follow up some leads on one of Holt's old cases, with results that could be described as explosive.

Artist Judith Chamizo was commissioned by Stephanie Beatriz to make a cartoon illustration of the entire B99 cast. Here's how it turned out.
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I always enjoy the interactions between Holt and Santiago.

Question: I remember the backstory for Boyle's bigger dogs, where did Jason come from?
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I'm afraid now that they've called out Charles for his creepy obsession with washing your lovers hair that he will stop saying it at every possible opportunity, and that makes me sad.
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I love Holt, but I'm worried that they'll slow turn him into a Sheldon.
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Well, now I'm afraid of that too. Thanks drezdn. But I do hope that the stronger depth of the respective casts will prevent this.

I'm not always much for scatological humor, but Andre Baugher's "afraid he's going to shit himself" walk was ON POINT, so much so that I really appreciated it!!!
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I trust both Andre Braugher and the writers to not Sheldonize (or is that Flanderize?) Holt's character. There's enough depth baked into him that I don't think we'll see Holt reduced to little more than a robotic Wuntch-punning machine anytime soon. Even when we get catchphrase-like runners for the characters (Boyle's hair-washing fetish, Jake's Die Hard fixation, Terry's love of yogurt), they're more like affectionate callbacks than simple recapitulations of things that worked before.

Granted, we're only 1.5 seasons in, so maybe this could be the tipping point where everything goes into goofy-caricature land, but I have faith in the B99 creative team to change things up on the fly.
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That's funny, I hadn't noticed that any of those things were "a thing". The character I'm worried about is Amy; I sort of wish she had something to do outside of her relationship with a dude. Most of her plots are either as Jake's potential love interest or awkwardly kissing up to Holt. It was cool how Rosa had that task force and so for awhile her plots were just about her doing her job competently. It would also be cool if Amy could get in on some of that action, like bring back her and Jake's competition from season 1?
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I loved Jake's sadness that he was wasting all the "payback" lines on actually paying his friends back the money he owes.
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