Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Beach House
January 4, 2015 6:09 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

After Captain Holt throws an unintentional wet blanket over the relaxed vibe of the B99 gang's big weekend beach house party, Peralta concocts a plan to have a secret second party. Meanwhile, Gina plots to summon "Six Drink Amy", the theoretical apotheosis of Santiago's drunkenness.

BONUS STUFF: In honor of the Nine Nine's favorite phone game, there is now an officially-sanctioned Kwazy Cupcakes app (for iOS and Android, free with optional in-app purchases)
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It's nice to see Holt getting more humanized without necessarily throwing away his essential Holtiness.

"Six Drink Amy" was too pat. I appreciate structured zaniness, but I think the only way it could have paid off is for Amy to reveal that she knew all along what her supposed "stages" were and had been messing with Gina for years to make her pine for this mythical Six Drink Amy.

But most of all, I want to say that I would totally watch the spinoff where Scully and Hitchcock run a salvaged casino.
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I enjoyed the episode, but it seemed like Holt would be far more aware of his effect on the situation (and doesn't he have a tv in his bedroom?).
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As long as the casino is like that submerged Dead Sea strip club. Or maybe it could be like BioShock's Rapture, as envisioned by Scully/Hitchcock.
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Is anyone else kind of puzzled by Nick Cannon's guest spots in the last couple of eps? His romance with Diaz is happening almost entirely offscreen, and his onscreen appearances are pretty much disposable cameos without much at all in the way of characterization or interaction with the rest of the cast. Why get a recognizable guest star to play a virtual cipher? I don't really know anything about Cannon's skills as an actor (I think I saw him host a Disney Christmas parade with Mariah Carey once?) but it just strikes me as weird, almost as though they're intentionally underlining his character's inconsequentiality by having the other characters fill in all of his blanks for him. Perhaps I'm reading too much into a guest role on a sitcom.
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Is anyone else kind of puzzled by Nick Cannon's guest spots in the last couple of eps?

It's only been two episodes, and he was in a fair amount of the first one.

I appreciate that they managed to get him into this one, if only a little. There's a difficult line to draw when you're putting an outside relationship into what's essentially a workplace comedy. Squeezing him into the one point in this episode that wasn't in the office or the detectives-only getaway (woof woof) makes it look less like "We could only get Guest Star for three episodes, so it'll be the intro ep, then two weeks with only the occasional mention of him, then he'll get an A-plot, then a couple more weeks, then the breakup ep."
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I've actually been playing the hell out of Kwazy Cupcakes--but I'm annoyed at how much easier it would be if I was willing to pay money. The bonus stuff doesn't refresh the next day! I am all out of extra rainbow cupcakes FOREVER. And the roadblock challenges have a TWENTY HOUR WAIT unless you're willing to shell out. (You can trade in coins, but earning coins is super rare, so I ran out at the first roadblock and now can't play again till tomorrow. I so feel Captain Holt's pain).
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