Multiverse club?
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In advance of Everything Everywhere All at Once (trailer) coming out this month, I’m thinking about watching other multiverse shows.

Some shows that crossed my mind: Possibly too mundane, often no Fanfare threads: I think time loops are nearby but separate - Groundhog Day, Source Code, etc.

Note, I havent really played with Clubs here, and honestly, I might not understand them at all.
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Sliders and Rick & Morty seem like obvious inclusions.
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Rick & Morty, definitely, though I've already seen them all.

I don't think I ever watched Sliders. Is it... entertaining?
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I didn't watch it either, but it seemed to fit the description.
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I think Donnie Darko qualifies.
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Counterpart is really good
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There was a one-season Canadian/South African show called Charlie Jade in the mid 2000s that was like a multiverse hopping noir style thing. I don't know how available it is, Justwatch has it streaming on Filmrise and for sale on Amazon, though somewhat ironically not here in Canada.
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Oh, right, I forgot it included shows. Another vote for Fringe and Counterpart. Counterpart *is* really good, although watching it now is probably a bit different now that we know what the show got surprisingly correct about yvivat va n cbfg-cnaqrzvp (be, creuncf, fgvyy cnaqrzvp-ynqra) jbeyq. Charlie Jade was also enjoyable but I don't recall much about it.
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The OA and Dark both do dimension-hopping, but wait a little while to get to it.

My Science Project?
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The One: had references to many more universes but only saw, like, 3. (Though hello Jason Statham with hair!)
Multiverse: Universes seen: 1. Booo.
Parallel: Universes seen: 2.
Fringe (haven't seen much of it) and Counterpart: 2?

Not sure about Donnie Darko. It's more time travel, I think; should It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol be included? My gut feeling says nope.
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What If...? fits.
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I'm preferring the shows with more universes.

Also MCU:
* Loki
* Spider-Man: No Way Home
* (upcoming in May) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

From a friend:
* Star Trek's Terran Empire, from the original series and Discovery
* maybe some Agents of SHIELD

Buffy the Vampire Slayer might have had some parallel hijinks.
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Coherence is a good one that fits this category.

Edit: oops, I see it was already mentioned and already has a FanFare thread.
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Tales from the Loop - Parallel ?
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IMDB list - may need some pruning though...
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Oh crap... nearly forgot... Maybe...

Can I say this without spoiling the last episode...?

"The Leftovers S03 E08: The Book of Nora"

Universes seen: 1
Universes possible: 2
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TVTropes link for multiverse topic.
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I chilled out a lot after watching Everything Everywhere All at Once. That's a hard act to follow.
Snake from MST Club noted that Fringe definitely has more than two universes.
From France, Parallels has dropped on Disney+.
From Spain, If I Hadn't Met You, is on Netflix.

I didn't realize, going in, how heavy the theme of "family and relationships" was going to be in this category.
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Oh yeah: I've heard good things about Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, though I haven't dived in yet. It's on Youtube with auto-generated translated subtitles from Japanese.
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The Peripheral (although I've only read the book) has a multiverse of sorts, at least peripherally.
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