Resident Alien: Escape From New York
March 10, 2022 5:15 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Harry and Asta find what they are looking for but not what they need as danger closes in.

TV Line - Resident Alien's Alan Tudyk Talks Harry's Big Losses: He's 'as Close to Hopeless as He Could Get':
TVLINE | Harry lost 42 in the episode prior, and now he learns that Goliath is dead. How would you describe his emotional state after suffering such major losses?
TUDYK | When the octopus dies, he’s definitely lonely because his cousin was the closest thing to an alien in Patience. But then afterward, Harry also experiences that feeling you get after a really good meal, so it’s really kind of good and bad. But he was really looking forward to meeting Goliath because he was truly from his planet. In the first season, Harry missed his home, but he had a way to get back. He just had to find his device and repair his ship. There was hope. Now that his ship has crashed thanks to Max — and not to point fingers, but… totally his fault! — this was his best chance to see someone from home again, and he gets as close to hopeless as he could get.
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I like Diana Bang as the sassy no nonsense Nurse Ellen.

Looks like Ber got their wish!
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That was rather awesome, and sad. And very funny especially as it picked up speed towards the end. Was that it for season 2 or is there more?

Something about this episode, or the last one, has me wondering about an aspect of the timeline of the very first episode, season one. I have the sense that more than a day or so passed between the alien killing and replacing Harry and the town authorities showing up to ask Halien to replace the town doctor...that would have given the alien 12-24 hours max to get used to his Harry suit and learn English, unless I'm forgetting something.
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I like Diana Bang as the sassy no nonsense Nurse Ellen.

Andrea Bang's (Janet from Kim's Convenience) big sister, neat!

I liked this episode, it was rather awesome and sad and funny. I also thought that the fight in the train compartment was well done.

Was that it for season 2 or is there more?

Don't scare me like that. It looks like there will be 16 episodes, with a break after the next one.

‘Resident Alien’ Creator Chris Sheridan on Writing Season 2, How Episode 8 is a Mini-Finale, and Long-Term Plans for the Series
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Yeah! The train fight was well done. I especially liked Harry being kind of sad/ it was a necessity about it.

I did appreciate the title cards depicting "in the drawing room, with a candlestick" homage, the fake Chekhov's with the original human-Goliath encounters, then the payoff with Harry releasing Goliath's egg with an oversized candlestick.

Too bad about Mandell Maughan/ Woman-in-Black.

D'Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) and Kate Hawthorne (Meredith Garretson) are actually pretty fit. Wetterlund, especially, has decently developed shoulders (deltoids).

Have loved the D'Arcy character from the start, and stoked that the show is diving deeper into the character. The Mayor Ben stuff, less so, but pleasantly surprised at the delving into the Kate character.
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I loved our Woman-in-Black, just incredibly relentless. But given the body count she has racked up, the payoff was due. It was totally in character that she kept chasing a being that threw her through a window, but it was pretty arrogant to think that she could still come out on top in a second fight. Harry's reaction afterwards was perfect, including not noticing that half his face was covered in gore.
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