Resident Alien: Alien Dinner Party
March 16, 2022 7:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

It's a surprise party as everyone gathers to celebrate Harry but some dangerous guests cause havoc. (Mid-season finale)
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I enjoyed some of the relationships stuff with the hoomans.

Really want D'arcy and Kate to reconcile. But only if it's without it being about Ben.

Glad it segued back into alien stuff when the lights went out; nice feels switch.

Dan Twelvetrees (Gary Farmer) has awesome deadpan. Very dad.

Go Asta!
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From the TV Line link:

His name is Joseph, and he’s played by Enver Gjokaj.

OMG, nice to anticipate seeing Gjokaj working again!
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Now THAT is how you set up and deliver a mid-season finale!
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Pretty annoyed that the word abortion was never mentioned. Kate Does Not Want Baby! Neither does Ben. So...don't have the baby, Kate! It's Colorado, you can get one there!

Maybe it will come up later, it was just a very noticeable gap when Kate was clearly miserable and D'Arcy was like oh man, I'm sure you can do it, haha!

My kid and I both noted what we felt was Strong Lady Attraction energy between the two of them, though, so maybe the endgame is they form a nice polycule with Ben, D'Arcy gets to have a kid, and maybe Kate goes back to NY and comes home once a month from some awesome job. Or something. I doubt it though. Also I really liked the other guy D'Arcy is into so that would be a loss.

I disagree on Pie v. Cake, but then I love both.

I wish every house DID come with a bag of money.
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I didn't quite catch it but I assume the alien baby wasn't shot, just Harry in the shoulder?

Also, this is the second episode with a Belle and Sebastian song. Along with everything else I like about this show, the music is a nice cherry on top.
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“Pretty annoyed that the word abortion was never mentioned.”

Almost all American film and television is like this and I'm super fucking sick of it. Maybe I've seen two or three things where there's a discussion about the possibility of having an abortion as something people do all the time, but even then I recall being pissed-off that the resolution was clearly "we all know it's better that she didn't get an abortion". And then of course all narratives assume that having an abortion is necessarily very traumatic.

In the real world, often it's not the best decision to have a baby. Often in the real world, abortion is considered as a solution if not having a baby is the better decision. In the real world, often both the woman and the man are okay with this decision because it's, you know, a common life decision people make. FFS.

Sorry, I have feelings about this.

Otherwise, great episode.
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I thought D'Arcy made an oblique reference to abortion. I don't remember the exchange precisely, but it was something like:

Kate: "I'm pregnant. I'm going to have a baby."
D'Arcy: "That's not actually how it works."
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I am just here to say that Paul F Tompkins settled Cake v Pie definitively about a decade ago and it is well worth your time.
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