The Good Wife: The Debate
January 12, 2015 4:13 PM - Season 6, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Alicia and Frank Prady appear in a crucial debate in the race for State's Attorney, while Peter and the city of Chicago prepare for a potential riot.
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It was interesting how the thought of the police not even getting indicted by the Grand Jury was considered too unrealistic for a tv legal drama.
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It was odd to hear Alicia complain about sexism to Diane of all people, but it's obviously setting her up to win the race and leave Florrick, Agos, Lockharte & Associates. Or will it soon be Agos, Lockharte and Lee? (Side note: Yay for bringing David Lee back!).

No blowback for Kalinda yet, guessing they'll save that story for a full episode later.

I have to admit I cringed when I saw what the background story for this episode was. The writers obviously tried to walk a very fine line with the subject matter and for the most part I think handled it well.
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The debate "rules" seemed rather more farcical than what TGW usually engages in. ("Lightning round"???)
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Can someone refresh my memory as to why Alicia finds David Lee's return (he's back, yay!) so abhorrent? IIRC, he was trying to screw over Diane most recently, seems like she would be the bitter one. And finally Alicia's candidacy gets acknowledged and this is how they do it? Oh, writers, please wrap up this storyline; everyone is acting out of character and viewers don't like it.

Except for that last scene, I loved this episode.

Uh, was there some foreshadowing that Eli might leave?
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I don't know if she is personally ticked at David Lee or not (not that I can recall beyond his usual sparkling personality), but she seemed most ticked that she wasn't consulted. On the other hand, I was thinking, "hey, remember how you decided you wanted Diane back and Cary didn't really want to and you were all too bad about it?" So...yeah.

It is really hilarious how The Old Gang Is Getting Back Together Again, now. Isn't Lee a "name" guy there now? He seems even less likely to split than Diane (who was getting driven out), but...whatever?

When Alicia and Prady were happily actually debating each other in the kitchen, with an audience forming, I kept feeling like it was an episode of the West Wing. I did enjoy that bit. (Turn that phone off... never mind, turn it back on!)

I still hope Alicia loses, though. If they're having enough issues Getting The Gang Back Together, imagine how they'd have to run a season where Alicia is entirely elsewhere. Also, power corrupts and I don't want to see anyone I like take up politics :P
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Poor Johnny and his feelings. I think that story line has been wrapped up before it started.

I don't understand where Alicia's charges of sexism came from. I think if it had been Will running for office, and he'd been MIA when big decisions needed to be made, she would have reacted the same way.

Like TwoWordReview said above, I was also nervous about the ripped-from-the-headlines story line but I think they did pretty well.

I can't remember why the pastor and his son have bad blood between them.

I don't like that David Lee is back, but I don't like abrasive people in general, not even on my TV.
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If you want some balm to soothe your throbbing David Lee, there's always that episode of Deadwood where he just lies on the ground moaning "I apologize" repeatedly. It helps!
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I love Christine Baranski.

The sexism thing is interesting, because -- well, I think it's understandable that Diane and Cary are off making decisions without Alicia, and I think it makes sense that they'd be somewhat annoyed by this. I am not entirely sure if they want her to quit, because it has some benefits for them. But I think that Alicia had a good point about why she is running (though maybe she was yelling it at the wrong people) -- she thinks that she would do it well and that she wants to do it, and this isn't a reason that people accept from women as much as they do from men.
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David Lee is just so smarmy, and watching Diane square off with him is so delightful. I'll be glad to see more of him. Michael J Fox is entertainingly evil, too, but I'm ok seeing less of him so long as he pops up from time to time.
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The pastor father and son had some kerfluffle over whether endorsing Peter was good for their church/neighborhood/whatever, and the dad un-retired from pastoring and took the church back from the son.

And, well! I'm all caught up now. I can't quite pinpoint why, but the last few episodes have not been very satisfying. Also, I suspected for quite some time that Finn actually had something to do with Will's death. That didn't pan out, but I still have "ew get away from Alicia" feelings as if it did.
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